Document - Egypt: Background information for jail video



8 March 2011

AI Index: MDE 12/025/2011

Egypt: Background information for jail video

Malek Tamer entered the morgue with his camera on 8 February, 2011, after being told by the family of another dead prisoner that the body of his brother, Tamer Tawfiq Tamer, a 28-year-old taxi-driver serving three years for a drug-related crime, was at the morgue.

Malek Tamer was accompanied by a friend, Mohamed Ibrahim Eldesouky, whose 45-year-old brother Reda Ibrahim Eldesouky, a divorced father of two boys and another Al-Fayoum inmate, was also found dead in the morgue.

Reda Ibrahim Eldesouky, who owned a leather shoe manufacturing business, had one-and-a-half-years left to serve of a 10-year sentence for drug-related crime.

The two inmates had contacted their brothers on 29 January to tell them that they had been forced out of the prison at gunpoint by hooded men following the previous Friday’s ‘Day of Anger’ protests that took place across Egypt.

Malek Tamer and Mohamed Ibrahim Eldesouky agreed to collect the two in order to bring them home or return them to the authorities. They arrived at a pre-arranged point to pick them up on the morning of 30 January but then saw the pair being held by military officers on the highway between Al-Fayoum and Cairo near Dahshur military camp, south-west of Cairo.

A hundred more corpses, apparently mostly belonging to other prisoners from Al-Fayoum prison, were transferred by military vehicles to the morgue on 9 February 2011. The circumstances surrounding their deaths remain unclear.

Malek Tamer and Mohamed Ibrahim Eldesouky buried their brothers on 9 February 2011.

Three days later, the two men submitted a complaint to the public prosecution office together with the videos.

On 21 February, they submitted complaints to and sought information from the office of the Public Prosecutor in Cairo with the support of the Egyptian Center for Development and Human Rights.

They say they are still waiting for an investigation to be initiated.

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