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Further information on UA: 69/12 Index: MDE 11/018/2012 Bahrain Date: 15 March 2012



Kuwaiti teenager Ali Feifel Sahad al-Ali was released on 14 March 2012 , after he was sentenced to one month in prison. He return ed to Kuwait with his family the same day .

On 14 March 2012 Ali Feifel Sahad al-Ali , an 18-year-old Kuwaiti national, was sentenced to one month in prison by the Lower Criminal Court in the capital, Manama, for "vandalism" and "illegal gathering". Since he had already spent a month in detention, he was due for release from Jaw prison on 14 March. The judge also ruled that he had to leave Bahrain and could not return for three years. His family returned with him to Kuwait on 14 March.

Ali Feifel Sahad al-Ali had been arrested on 12 February outside a family friend’s house in the Shi’a village of Beni Jamra, just outside Manama. He and his family had arrived in Bahrain three days earlier to visit friends, and had intended to leave on the day he was arrested. His family were not allowed to visit him until after he had been questioned. He told his family he had been beaten when he was arrested, and they could still see the marks on his face and hands when they first visited him.

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Name: Ali Feifel Sahad al-Ali

Gender m/f: male

This is the first update of UA 69/12. Further information:

Further information on UA: 69/12 Index: MDE 11/018/2012 Issue Date: 15 March 2012

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