Document - UA 406/93 - Bahrain: fear of forcible exile: Dr 'Abd al-'Aziz Rashid al-Rashid

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UA 406/93 Fear of Forcible Exile18 November 1993

BAHRAINDr 'Abd al-'Aziz Rashid al-Rashid

Amnesty International has received reliable reports that Dr 'Abd al-'Aziz Rashid al-Rashid, a Bahraini national, is in an imminent danger of being expelled from Bahrain for the fourth time in the space of one week.

'Abd al-'Aziz Rashid al-Rashid, a medical doctor, has been the subject of repeated measures to forcibly exile him from Bahrain. His first unsuccessful attempt to return to his country was on 6 October 1991, when he was held and interrogated for four days before his expulsion. He subsequently returned to Bahrain on 12 November 1993 and was expelled the following day to Syria via Kuwait. On his arrival in Kuwait, however, the authorities refused to allow him entry as he had no valid travel documents - his Bahraini passport had expired - and returned him to Bahrain the same day, 13 November. At Bahrain's international airport Dr al-Rashid was refused entry once again, and expelled to Syria. The Syrian authorities also refused him entry and returned him to Bahrain, apparently on 14 November. On 18 November, the Bahraini authorities sent him back to Syria, after holding him at Bahrain's international airport for four days. It is feared that the Syrians will refuse him entry as he still has no valid travel documents and send him back to Bahrain, where the authorities are likely to expel him yet again.


Forcible exile of Bahraini nationals suspected of political opposition activities remains one of Amnesty International's concerns in the country. While dozens of Bahraini nationals were permitted to return to Bahrain after living abroad for many years, scores more have been denied this right during 1993 and remain victims of forcible exile apparently for exercising their right to freedom of opinion and expression.

According to information received by Amnesty International, victims

of forcible exile from Bahrain are frequently given no reason for the measures taken against them and are denied the opportunity to appeal the decision to expel them or challenge its legality through the courts. Not only is such practice in contravention of international human rights standards, but it would also appear to be in violation of Article 17 (c) of Bahrain's Constitution, which states that it is forbidden to expel or to prevent Bahraini citizens from returning to Bahrain.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes and airmail letters either in English or in your own language:

- urging that measures to expel Dr 'Abd al-'Aziz Rashid al-Rashid from Bahrain be rescinded and that he and other victims of forcible exile be permitted to return to their country, in accordance with international human rights standards and Bahrain's own constitution.


1) His Highness

Al-Shaikh 'Issa Bin Salman Al Khalifa

Office of His Highness the Amir

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The Amiri Court

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Al-Shaikh Mohamed Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa

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His Excellency

Al-Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa

Prime Minister of Bahrain

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and to diplomatic representatives of Bahrain accredited to your country

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section office, if sending appeals after 30 December 1993.

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