Document - Further information on UA 22/94 (MDE 11/02/94, 24 January; and follow-up MDE 11/03/94, 3 March) - Bahrain: fear of torture / legal concern: Tawfiq al-Mahrous, 'Abd al-Ridha al-Shuweikh, 'Ali 'Omran, Mohammad Hassan, and 14 others (names unknown)

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Distr: UA/SC

29 March 1994

Further information on UA 22/94 (MDE 11/02/94, 24 January 1994) and follow-up (MDE 11/03/94, 3 March) - Fear of Torture / Legal Concern


'Abd al-Ridha AL-SHUWEIKH


Mohammad HASSAN

and 14 others (names unknown)

Amnesty International has learned that all those arrested on 19 January 1994, in connection with a gathering of members of the Shi'a community at al-Mu'min Mosque for the 40th day commemoration ceremony of the death of Ayatollah Golpayegani, have now been released.

No further action by the Urgent Action Network is required. Thank you to all who sent appeals on this case.

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