Document - Suggested recommendations to States coming up during the third round of reviews under the Universal Periodic Review: December 2008: Addendum

Suggested recommendations to States coming up during the third round of reviews under the Universal Periodic Review

December 2008


Recommendations to the government of Liechtenstein

Independent national human rights institution

  • To establish an independent national human rights institution, including to improve the coordination between the different institutional levels and to contribute to promoting a coherent and credible approach to the human rights policy in Liechtenstein.

Background: Although Liechtenstein has already established a Commission for Equal Opportunities, this does not fully meet the criteria required by the Paris Principles and is not an appropriate authority in cases of violations of human rights.

The Foreign National Act

  • To amend the new Foreign National Act to avoid the creation of a further group of non-citizens and to ensure that non-citizens are not discriminated against especially with regard to their right to family reunification.

Background: The new Foreign National Act concerns only foreign citizens of non-EU, non-EFTA and non-Swiss nationality. Some of its provisions, including in particular the requirement to have a certain command of the local language before being granted the right to join family in Liechtenstein, could under certain circumstances be an obstacle to family reunification.

  • To ensure that a non-Liechtenstein parent of a Liechtenstein child has an unrestricted right of domicile until the child comes of age in order to be able to fulfil his/her parental duties.

Background: In the case of divorce within 5 years of marriage to a Liechtenstein citizen, a non-Liechtenstein citizen looses his/her right of domicile.

Implementation of UN treaty body recommendations

  • To ensure that the recommendations of UN treaty bodies are included in national action plans and that measures to ensure regular follow-up are made public. Such measures should include systematic human rights training and follow up for public servants, including those working with foreign nationals and asylum seekers.

Background: The treatment by the authorities of some asylum seekers, in particular those suffering psychological problems, is a cause for concern. In some cases, interrogation by the authorities has resulted in a severe deterioration of the asylum seekers’ health condition. In 2007, such conduct reportedly led the Public Health Officer to break off cooperation with the relevant authorities.

Same sex partnerships

  • To eliminate any discrimination against same sex couples, including by introducing a law on registered partnerships, e.g. based on laws already in force in Switzerland.


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