Document - UA 412/94 - Yugoslavia (Kosovo): fear of torture / ill-treatment: Ramadan Ndrecaj, Rexhep Olluri, Salih Sokoli, Avdi Mehmedoviq, Haki Mehmeti, Ali Mehmeti, Blerim Olloni, Sejfullah Sahatciu, Shefqet Beqa, Remzi Tertica, Adem Shala, Halil Blakaj, Reshat Ma

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UA 412/94Fear of torture / ill-treatment24 November 1994

YUGOSLAVIA (Kosovo)Ramadan Ndrecaj, from Suva Reka

Rexhep Olluri, from Orahovac

Salih Sokoli, from Orahovac

Avdi Mehmedoviq, from Priština

Haki Mehmeti, from Priština

Ali Mehmeti, from Priština

Blerim Olloni, from Priština

Sejfullah Sahatçiu, from Djakovica

Shefqet Beqa, from Djakovica

Remzi Tertica, from Djakovica

Adem Shala, from Prizren

Halil Blakaj, from Mališevo

Reshat Maliqi, from Mališevo

Jonuz Loshi, from Kosovska Mitrovica

Selim Çitaku, from Kosovska Mitrovica

Ilmi Uka, from Kosovska Mitrovica

Abdullah Doroci, from Kosovska Mitrovica

Ramadan Ndreca, from Suva Reka

Shaip Mustafa, from Suva Reka

Murtez Jahaj, from Suva Reka

Fadil Hyseni, from Uroševac

Bajram Jakaj, from Uroševac

Isak Aliu, from Uroševac

Idriz Jashari, from Podujevo

Enver Ramizi, from Gnjilane

Esat Merovci, from Gnjilane

and other former police officers

Since 17 November 1994 over 30 former police officers and members of the Independent Trade Union of former Police Officers, all of them ethnic Albanians, have been arrested in Kosovo province. Fears that they may face torture or other ill-treatment in custody have been heightened by reports that one of them, Ramadan Ndrecaj, former chief of police in Suva Reka, arrested on 22 November, has been so severely ill-treated in Prizren police station that he has been admitted to Prizren hospital for treatment. Amnesty International so far has no information about any charges against the detainees.

Amnesty International receives daily reports of the beating and other ill-treatment of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province by members of the police force. Recently, Bilall Idrizi, a former police officer and trade union member from Priština, filed proceedings against state security officers who arrested him on 27 October and drove him blindfolded to an unknown destination. There they reportedly interrogated and beat him; they also tortured him with electric shocks. They finally abandoned him in a field after threatening to execute him.


According to ethnic Albanian sources, some 4,000 ethnic Albanian police officers have been dismissed from their posts in the police force in Kosovo province since 1990 after refusing to accept and recognize measures introduced by the Serbian Government in 1990, which effectively abolished the province's autonomy. Since then, these officers have formed an Independent Trade Union of (former) Employees of the Ministry of the Interior. The province is now policed by a force that is very largely Serbian and Montenegrin, recruited partly locally, but also from Serbia and Montenegro and Serbian-populated areas of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail letters in English, French or German or your own language:

- requesting information about the charges against some 30 ethnic Albanian former police officers recently arrested in Kosovo province;

- expressing concern about reports that one of them, Ramadan Ndrecaj, was severely ill-treated in police custody in Prizren, as a result of which he has been admitted to hospital for treatment;

- urging that all those arrested be granted full legal safeguards, including protection against any ill-treatment or torture.


1. Federal Minister of Internal Affairs

Vukašin Jokanović

Ministar za unutrašnje poslove

Savezno ministarstvo za unutrašnje poslove

Kneza Miloša 92

Beograd, Yugoslavia

Faxes: +381 11 235 1005

Telexes: 11 448 siv yu or 11 185;

Telegrams: Savezno ministar unutrašnje poslove, Beograd, Yugoslavia

Salutation: Dear Minister

2. Head of police for Kosovo province


Pokrajinski Sekretarijat za Unutrašnjih Poslova

Kragujevačka 4

38000 Priština, AP Kosovo i Metohija, Yugoslavia

Telegrams: Nacelnik, Pokrajinski SUP, Priština, APKM

Salutation: Dear Chief of Police

3. Federal Prime Minister

Dr Radoje Kontić

Predsednik Savezne Vlade

Bulevar Lenjina 2

11070 Beograd, Yugoslavia

Faxes: +381 11 636 775 or +381 11 195 244 or +381 11 600 446

Telexes: 11062 siv yu or 11448 siv yu

Salutation: Dear Prime Minister


1. Committee for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms, Priština:

Xhavit Mitrovica 15

38000 Priština, Yugoslavia.

2. Humanitarian Law Fund

Terazije 6/III

11000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia

and to diplomatic representatives of Yugoslavia accredited to your country

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section office, if sending appeals after 31 December 1994.

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