Document - Slovenia: Amnesty International calls for an end to discrimination against Roma and for reparation for the "erased"



AI Index: EUR 68/001/2010

9 June 2010

Slovenia: Amnesty International calls for an end to discrimination against Roma and for reparation for the “erased”.

United Nations Human Rights Council adopts Universal Periodic Review outcome on Angola

Amnesty International welcomes the acceptance by Slovenia of many of the recommendations made to it. Many reflect Amnesty International’s concerns and recommendations.

The organization welcomes the adoption in March 2010 of the integrated national programme of measures for Romani people for the 2010–2015 period outlining government measures to combat discrimination against Roma in access to education, housing, health care, employment, living conditions and other areas. Amnesty International calls on the government to ensure that the programme is implemented within the established deadlines and in consultation with Roma communities.

Amnesty International appreciates Slovenia’s support of the recommendation to improve living conditions of Roma.1 In implementing this recommendation the organization calls on the authorities to address the inadequate housing conditions of many Roma, including lack of access to water, sanitation and electricity. It is also crucial that the authorities refrain from forcible evictions of Roma communities.

The situation of the “erased” was raised by many States during the review and Amnesty International welcomes Slovenia’s acceptance of the majority of the related recommendations.2 The adoption in March 2010 of the law regulating the legal status of the “erased” is a positive development; however, the organization is concerned at attempts to organize a referendum on the new law which, if successful, could overturn it. Amnesty International fears that this could lead to further discrimination against the “erased”.

Amnesty International also regrets that, other than restoring their status, the authorities have failed to adopt legislative and other measures to grant full reparation to the “erased”. Amnesty International calls on Slovenia to develop a reparation programme for the “erased” which should include restitution, satisfaction, compensation, rehabilitation and guarantees of non-repetition, as defined by international law.


The UN Human Rights Council adopted the outcome of the Universal Periodic Review of Slovenia on 9 June 2010 during its 14thsession. Prior to the adoption of the report of the review Amnesty International delivered the oral statement above. Amnesty International also contributed to the information basis for the review through its submission on Slovenia:

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1 A/HRC/14/15, paragraph 111, recommendation 73.

2 Ibid, paragraph 111, recommendations 77-88 and A/HRC/14/15/Add.1, page 7.

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