Document - Further information on EXTRA 33/92 (EUR 55/01/92, 25 March and follow-up EUR 55/02/92, 27 March) - Azerbaydzhani Republic: fear of imminent execution: Grachik Petrosyan, Gagik Arutyunyan, Arno Mkrtchyan, Arvid Mangasaryan, Garnik Arustamyan

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: EUR 55/03/92

Distr: UA/SC

31 March 1992

Further information on EXTRA 33/92 (EUR 55/01/92, 25 March 1992; EUR 55/02/92, 27 March 1992)- Fear of Imminent Execution






Names in cyrillic:Гарник ПЕТРОСЯН





Amnesty International has received a report from unofficial sources that the five men named above are due to be executed on 2 April 1992, just two weeks since they were sentenced to death in the Azerbaydzhani Republic. The trial took place on 19 March 1992 before the Supreme Court of Azerbaydzhan when the accused, who are ethnic Armenians from the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, were convicted of murdering an Azerbaydzhani journalist.

Grachik Petrosyan, Gagik Arutyunyan, Arno Mkrtchyan, Arvid Mangasaryan and Garnik Arustamyan do not have the right to appeal against their convictions or sentences to a higher tribunal, or to have their sentences suspended pending consideration of petitions for clemency.

Amnesty International is opposed to the death penalty in all cases without reservation, and is appealing to the Acting President of the Azerbaydzhani Republic to commute the death sentences passed on these five men.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send faxes, telegrams, express and airmail letters:

- urging that the death sentences passed on Grachik Petrosyan, Gagik Arutyunyan, Arno Mkrtchyan, Arvid Mangasaryan and Garnik Arustamyan be commuted;

- urging that all other pending death sentences be commuted;

- urging that everyone sentenced to death in Azerbaydzhani Republic be granted the opportunity to appeal to a court of higher jurisdiction, in accordance with internationally agreed human rights standards;

- pointing out that Amnesty International takes no position on territorial disputes, and in these cases is concerned solely with the issue of the death penalty.


1) Acting President of the Azerbaydzhani Republic - Yakub Dzhavad ogly Mamedov:

Azerbaydzhanskaya Respublika

370066 g. Baku

ul. Kommunisticheskaya 19

I.O. Prezidenta Mamedovu Ya.

Telegrams: Azerbaydzhan, 370066 Baku, I.O. Prezidenta Mamedovu Ya.D.

[Salutation: Dear Acting President]

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2) Head of the Presidential Department of Citizenship and Clemency questions -

T. Aslanov:

Azerbaydzhanskaya Respublika

370066 g. Baku

ul. Kommunisticheskaya, 19

Otdel po voprosam grazhdanstva i pomilovaniya

pri apparate prezidenta Azerbaydzhanskoy Respubliki

Zaveduyushchemu otdela Aslanovu T.

Telegrams: Azerbaydzhan, 370066 Baku, Otdel po pomilovaniya pri prezidente, Aslanovu T.

[Salutation: Dear T. Aslanov]

3) Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee -

Professor Nadir Mekhtiyev

Azerbaydzhanskaya Respublika

370073 Baku

Metbuat pros.2

Komitet po pravam cheloveka

Professoru Mekhtiyevu

Telex:Baku 142199

Faxes:+ 7 8922 38 12 87

[Salutation: Dear Professor Mekhtiyev]

* Please note that the above address has telex and fax numbers.


1) Procurator General of the Azerbaydzhani Republic -

Murat Babayev:

Azerbaydzhanskaya Respublika

g. Baku

Prokuratura Azerbaydzhanskoy Respubliki

Generalnomu prokuroru Babayevu M.

2) Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaydzhani Republic -

Ibragim Isa ogly Ismailov:

Azerbaydzhanskaya Respublika

g. Baku

Verkhovny sud Azerbaydzhanskoy Respubliki

Predsedatelyu Ismailovu I.I.

3)Minister of Justice of the Azerbaydzhani Republic -

Alisaad Saftar ogly Orudzhev:

Azerbaydzhanskaya Respublika

370601 g. Baku

pr. Kirova, 13

Ministerstvo yustitsii Azerbaydzhanskoy Respubliki

Ministru Orudzhevu A.S.

4) Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Azerbaydzhani Republic -

Guseynaga Sadykhov:

Azerbaydzhanskaya Respublika

g. Baku

Ministerstvo inostrannykh del Azerbaydzhanskoy Respubliki

Ministru Sadykhovu G.

and to diplomatic representatives of the Azerbaydzhani Republic in your country.

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY, if possible to arrive in the Azerbaydzhani Republic before 2 April 1992. Otherwise, please check with the International Secretariat, or your section office.

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