Document - Turkey: Further information on fear of disappearance / torture: Gulbahar Nifak, nee Alici (f), Lezgin Alici

EXTERNALAI Index: EUR 44/92/95

12 September 1995

Further information on EXTRA 101/95 (EUR 44/89/95, 7 September 1995) - Fear of "disappearance" / Torture

TURKEYGülbahar Nifak, nėe Alıcı (f), aged 19, married with one child

Lezgin Alıcı, aged 20, her brother

Amnesty International has just received the good news that both Gülbahar Nifak and her brother Lezgin Alıcı, were released on 10 September. No information is currently available about their treatment in police custody.

No further action is required. Thanks to all who sent appeals on their behalf.

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