Document - Turkey: Further information on prisoner of conscience / fear of torture / fear for safety and new concern: medical concern: Ali Ekber Kaya, Huseyin Dagdeviren; and new names: Gulbahar Gunduz (f), Funda Sarigul (f), Veysel Yagan (f)

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26 May 1995

Further information on UA 81/95 (EUR 44/44/95, 28 March 1995) and follow-ups (EUR 44/47/95, 31 March; EUR 44/49/95, 6 April) - Prisoner of conscience / Fear of torture / Fear for safety and new concern: Medical concern

TURKEYAli Ekber Kaya, president of the Tunceli Human Rights Association (HRA), Tunceli

Hüseyin Dağdeviren

new namesGülbahar Gündüz (f)

Funda Sarığül (f)

Veysel Yağan (f)

On 25 May 1995 Malatya State Security Court released Ali Ekber Kaya, who is charged with membership in the illegal MLKP-K (Marxist Leninist Communist Party). However, the four others also detained around 21 March in Tunceli and later charged with the same offence, Hüseyin Dağdeviren, Gülbahar Gündüz, Funda Sarığül and Veysel Yağan, were not released.

Amnesty International is particularly concerned about the health of Gündüz Gülbahar. After being detained on 21 March at her home she was taken to Tunceli police station. On 23 March Gündüz Gülbahar who suffers from asthma had to be taken to Tunceli State Hospital when she lost consciousness. Reportedly, Gündüz Gülbahar is suffering from partial paralysis of the legs, allegedly as a result of torture.

After staying for a week in hospital, Gündüz Gülbahar was returned to police custody. On 3 April, she had to be carried into the local court in Tunceli, where she was formally arrested and committed to Malatya Closed Prison, with the other four detainees.

The five appeared for the first hearing of their trial at Malatya State Security Court on 25 May. When Gündüz Gülbahar entered the court-room of Malatya State Security Court she was half unconscious and could not walk on her own. The judge called a doctor into the court-room. During the hearing Gündüz Gülbahar reported that policemen frequently tortured and threatened to rape and to kill her while she was in police custody in Tunceli. The other detainees also made formal complaints that they had been tortured by police.

Amnesty International has been informed that the prosecutor at Malatya Closed Prison has refused requests by her family and legal counsel for Gündüz Gülbahar to be treated in hospital.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/faxes/express/airmail letters:

- expressing deep concern about the health of Gündüz Gülbahar;

- urging the authorities to allow Gündüz Gülbahar to receive all appropriate medical treatment;

- asking for a prompt and impartial investigation of the torture allegations made by all five detainees.


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