Document - Turkey: Further information on torture / fear of "disappearance": Mehmet Ali Cetinkaya, aged 62, Veyis Diler, aged 67-68, Yasar Ozdemir, aged 55-58, Huseyin Sevindi, 26, Husnu Soz, Yusuf Turan, aged 48-50, Mustafa, Hasan Sevindi, father of Huseyin Sevindi

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: EUR 44/50/95

Distr: UA/SC

13 April 1995

Further information on UA 83/95 (EUR 44/48/95, 31 March 1995) - Torture/Fear of "Disappearance"

TURKEY:Mehmet Ali Çetinkaya

Veyis Diler

Yaşar Özdemir

Hüseyin Sevindi

Hüsnü Söz

Yusuf Turan


Hasan Sevindi

The above detainees were brought before Erzincan State Security Court on 7 April 1995 and are now remanded in custody in Erzurum Prison. Amnesty International has not yet received information concerning the charges against them. Further details of the charges and the detainees' treatment in police custody will be forwarded to the UA network as soon as it is received.

Thanks to all who participated in this successful action. No further appeals are necessary at this stage.

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