Document - Turkey: Further information on "disappearance" / medical concern and new concern: fear of torture: Huseyin Koku; and new names: Mustafa Yeter, Hanan Guner (f)

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26 January 1995

Further information on UA 391/94 (EUR 44/128/94, 1 November 1994) - "Disappearance" / Medical Concern and new concern: Fear of torture

TURKEYHüseyin Koku, President of HADEP party in Elbistan

new name: Mustafa Yeter, board member of HADEP party in Elbistan

Hanan Güner (f)

At 4am on 18 January 1995, police came to the home of Mustafa Yeter in Elbistan and detained him and Hanan Güner, a guest at his home. According to relatives, they were transferred to Kahramanmaraş. It is not known whether their detention there has been acknowledged by the prosecutor's office or exactly where they are being held. It is feared that they are being interrogated under torture.

In spite of numerous petitions by his family and lawyers, no news of Hüseyin Koku has been received since his "disappearance" in Elbistan on 20 October 1994. There is grave fear for his life.


HADEP (Peoples Democracy Party) is the successor to HEP (People's Labour Party) and DEP (Democracy Party) which were both closed down by the Constitutional Court for "separatism". Like HEP and DEP, HADEP has a predominantly Kurdish membership and works for the civil and political rights of the Kurdish minority. More than 100 officials and members of HEP/DEP/HADEP have been killed in the past three years, including a member of parliament.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail letters either in English or in your own language:

- expressing concern for the safety of Mustafa Yeter and Hanan Güner, detained in Elbistan on 18 January 1995 and believed to be held in Kahramanmaraş;

- seeking assurances that they are not subjected to torture or any other form of ill-treatment;

- reiterating your concern for the health and safety of Hüseyin Koku, president of HADEP in Elbistan, who has been "disappeared" in unacknowledged detention since 20 October 1994;

- urging that immediate steps be taken to establish the whereabouts and state of health of all three detainees and that their families and lawyers be informed without delay;

- asking to be informed of any charges brought against them.


1) President Süleyman Demirel

Office of the President

Cumhur Başkanlığı

06100 Ankara

Telegrams: President Demirel, Ankara, Turkey

Salutation: Your Excellency

2) Deputy Prime Minister

Mr Murat Karayalçın


06573 Ankara, Turkey

Telegrams: Prime Minister, Ankara, Turkey

Telexes: 44061/44062/44063 bbmt tr; 42099 basb tr; 42875 bbk tr

Faxes: +90 312 417 04 76 DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER

Salutation: Dear Deputy Prime Minister

3) K.Maraş Public Prosecutor:

Cumhuriyet Savcısı

K.Maraş Savcılığı

Kahramanmaraş, Turkey

Telegrams: Cumhuriyet Savciligi, Kahramanmaras, Turkey

Salutation: Dear Sir


President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission:

Mr Sabri Yavuz

İnsan Hakları Araştırma Komisyonu Başkanı


Ankara, Turkey

Faxes: +90 312 420 5394

and to diplomatic representatives of Turkey accredited to your country

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section office, if sending appeals after 10 March 1995.

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