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UA: 175/12 Index: EUR 44/011/2012 Turkey Date: 20 June 2012



Turkish activist and journalist Enes Kuban Kural received a death threat on 15 May while making his way home from his offices in Istanbul. This is the latest in a series of threats and intimidation against him since April. Enes Kuban Kural believes the threats are in connection with his campaigning activities protesting against the 2014 Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, Southwest Russia. He has asked the authorities to provide him with protection, which has not yet been granted.

As a member of the Kafkasya Forumu (Caucases Forum), Enes Kuban Kural has been actively campaigning against the 2014 Winter Olympics in being held in Sochi, south-western Russia. The Kafkasya Forumu is a Turkey based non-governmental organisation working towards a goal of united and independent Caucases. He believes that the threats and intimidation that he has suffered are due to this activism.

Enes Kuban Kural told Amnesty International that he first noticed he was being followed in April. Within two weeks he spotted the same two individuals following him. They attempted to intimidate him by keeping the inner light on in the car, and by prolonged and disturbing eye contact. On 15 May he was thrown a note containing a death threat from a passing car. Two days after receiving the note, on 17 May, Enes Kuban Kural went to the Public Prosecutor’s office in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul and made a criminal complaint regarding the intimidation and threats to his safety. The authorities are yet to respond, and Enes Kuban Kural feels unsafe. On 15 June Enes Kuban Kural requested that he be provided with a bodyguard for protection. He told Amnesty International that the decision on the provision of protection was currently pending at the office of the Governor of Istanbul.

Please write immediately in Turkish or your own language:

Expressing concern for the safety of Enes Kuban Kural;

Calling for a prompt, thorough, impartial and independent investigation into the death threats;

Calling on the authorities to provide immediate protection for him in the form of a bodyguard, as he has requested.


Istanbul Governor

Hüseyin Avni Mutlu

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34410 Cağaloğlu-Fatih/İstanbul


Fax: +90 212 512 20 86

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Küçükçekmece Public Prosecutor

İsmail Kurt

Küçükçekmece Başsavcılığı

Cennet Mahallesi

Yavuz Selim Caddesi No: 4 Küçükçekmece / İstanbul

Fax: + 90 212 426 7876

Salutation: Dear Mr İsmail Kurt

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TURKISH activist recieves death threat

Name: Enes Kuban Kural

Gender: M

UA: 175/12 Index: EUR 44/011/2012 Issue Date: 20 June 2012


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