Document - Turkey: Further information on fear of torture: Huseyin Aksoy, Zohre Aksoy (f), Tacim Simsek, Muruvvet Gunel (f), Sukru Tas, Kemal Yadirgi, Seyda Gul (f), Huseyin Demirli, Kiraz Ozcan (f), Emine Akcan (f), Ismet Dursun, Osman; and new names: Ahmet Mete Ke

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: EUR 44/08/95

Distr: UA/SC

10 January 1995

Further information on EXTRA 03/95 (EUR 44/05/95, 10 January 1995) - Fear of Torture additional concern: Fear of "disappearance"

TURKEY Hüseyin Aksoy

Zöhre Aksoy (female)

Tacim Şimşek

Mürüvvet Günel (f), ward representative of Media trade union

Şükrü Taş

Kemal Yadırgı

Şeyda Gül (female)

Hüseyin Demirli

Kiraz Özcan (female)

Emine Akcan (female)

İsmet Dursun

Osman .....

new names: Ahmet Mete Kekeç

Hüseyin Toprak

Reşit Güleryüz

and 15 others whose names are not known yet

On 10 January 1995, Hüseyin Aksoy was granted permission to see his lawyer, while Tacı Şimşek's lawyer was refused access to his client.

Reportedly, Şükrü Taş in is a very bad state of health due to torture. When İsmet Dursun's family sought confirmation of his detention, the authorities denied that he was being held. The family fear for İsmet Dursun's safety.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail letters:

- expressing concern for the safety of 30 people detained in Istanbul on 4 January 1995 [naming some of them] who are being held at the Anti-Terror Branch of Istanbul Police Headquarters;

- expressing concern in particular about the reported ill-health of Şükrü Taş allegedly as a result of torture;

- seeking assurances that the detainees are not being subjected to torture or any other form of ill-treatment;

- urging that they are all granted access to their relatives and lawyers;

- urging also that steps are taken to establish the whereabouts of İsmet Dursun, reportedly detained in the same police operation on 4 January, but whose detention has not been acknowledged;

- asking to be informed of any charges brought against the detainees.


1) Istanbul Chief of Police:

Mr Necdet Menzir

Istanbul Emniyet Müdürü

İstanbul, Turkey

Telegrams: Emniyet Muduru, Istanbul, Turkey

Telexes: 30811 IEHM TR; 30812 EMMH TR; 26177 IEMT TR

Salutation: Dear Sir

2) Chief Prosecutor at Istanbul State Security Court

Mr Ahmet Köksal

DGM Başsavcısı

Devlet Güvenlik Mahkemesi

Istanbul, Turkey

Telegrams: DGM Başsavcısı, İstanbul, Turkey

Salutation: Dear Sir

3) State Minister with responsibility for Human Rights:

Mr Azimet Köylüoğlu

Office of the Prime Minister


06573 Ankara, Turkey

Faxes: +90 312 417 0476

Salutation: Dear Minister


President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission:

Mr Sabri Yavuz

İnsan Hakları Araştırma Komisyonu Başkanı


Ankara, Turkey

Faxes: +90 312 420 5394

and to diplomatic representatives of Turkey accredited to your country.

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section office, if sending appeals after 10 February 1995.

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