Document - Further information on UA 125/93 (EUR 39/06/93, 2 April; and follow-up EUR 39/08/93, 20 May) - Romania: legal concern / fear of ill-treatment: Mirel Ciprian Cucu, Milorad Mutascu

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: EUR 39/09/93

Distr: UA/SC

24 June 1993

Further information on UA 125/93 (EUR 39/06/93, 2 April 1993) - and follow-up: EUR 39/08/93, 20 May 1993 - Legal Concern/Fear of ill-treatment

ROMANIA:Mirel Ciprian CUCU, 17

Milorad MUTAŞCU, 22

Mirel Ciprian Cucu and Milorad Mutaşcu were tried by the County Court of Timişoara on 9 June 1993 under Article 200 of the Romanian Penal Code for "having sexual relations with a person of the same sex". They received suspended sentences of one and two years' imprisonment respectively.

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