Document - Italy: Further Information on Fear of imminent forced eviction

PUBLIC AI Index: EUR 30/006/2009

6 May 2009

Further Information on UA 109/09 (EUR 30/005/2009, 27 April 2009) Fear of imminent forced eviction

ITALY Around 30 people from the Sinti community in the village of Gambolo’

Around 30 people belonging to seven families from the Sinti (Roma) community in the village of Gambolo’ in the province of Pavia, Italy, are still facing an imminent forced eviction. This is despite the last eviction order being suspended by an emergency decision from the Administrative Tribunal of the region of Lombardia on 30 April 2009. The matter is not settled and the Sinti community is still under threat of forced eviction.

The Sinti are a Roma group who have lived in Italy for centuries. The seven families, who are all Italian citizens,

live on the outskirts of the village of Gambolo’ in caravans. Although not in an authorized settlement, the large majority of them have been legally resident in the same site in Gambolo’ for many years and their children attend local schools. The authorities have not provided alternative accommodation, and should they have to leave, their children's education will be seriously disrupted, as would the adults’ ability to earn a living.

On 14 April, an eviction order was issued by the Mayor of the village which gave the families until 30 of April to leave. On 30 April, the Administrative Tribunal suspended the eviction order by using a fast track procedure. The Administrative Tribunal scheduled a hearing for 21 May. At the hearing the municipal authorities will have the opportunity to oppose the Administrative Tribunal’s decision and eventually proceed with the forced eviction.

The families were first issued an eviction order by the Mayor on 15 December 2008. The order gave them until 15 January 2009 to leave. On 14 January, the order was suspended by the Administrative Tribunal of Lombardy Region

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in Italian, English or your own language:

- call on theauthorities to stop issuing forced eviction orders to the Sinti families from the village of Gambolo’;

- urging the authorities to genuinely consult with the community, in order to provide to them adequate alternative


- remind the authorities that forced evictions grossly violate the right to adequate housing and that they are permitted under international law only as last resort, and in full compliance with the guarantees required under regional and international human rights standards.


Mayor of Gambolò

Avv. Elena Nai

Comune di Gambolò

Piazza Cavour 6

27025 Gambolò (PV)



Fax: +39 0381 939502

Salutation: Egregio sig. Sindaco/Dear Mayor


dott. Ferdinando Buffoni

Prefettura di Pavia

Piazza Guicciardi n. 1

27100 PAVIA



Fax: + 390382 512476

Salutation: Egregio sig. Prefetto/ Dear Prefetto

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