Document - France: Further Information: Eviction forces up to 200 from their homes


Further Information on UA: 81/13 Index: EUR 21/006/2013 France Date: 19 April 2013


eviction forces UP TO 200 from their homes

Up to 200 people have been forcibly evicted from an informal settlement in Ris-Orangis, on the outskirts of Paris, France. Eight families have begun legal proceedings.

On the morning of 3 April, authorities evicted over 200 inhabitants of the informal settlement in Ris-Orangis from their huts and caravans. The Mayor of Ris-Orangis has agreed to accommodate 12 of the families evicted (38 people) in an integration project. They will remain in temporary accommodation elsewhere while the project is put into place.

Local associations believe that following the eviction, several families were given temporary emergency accommodation for between four and 10 nights across the greater Paris area, and about 30 people were left homeless, until local charitable associations arranged a temporary solution. Local NGOs have raised concerns about unsanitary conditions in some of the temporary accommodation.

On 15 April, eight families and one single man (17 adults and 26 children) evicted from Ris-Orangis began proceedings before the Administrative Tribunal of Versailles requiring the Prefect to ensure accommodation is made available to those forcibly evicted and not included in the Mayor's integration project. Their lawyer argued that after four nights of emergency accommodation, they had been left homeless. After the hearing the Prefecture issued a statement suggesting that their complaint had been rejected outright. In fact, the Administrative Tribunal judge had ruled that there was no need to hear the complaint on the basis of a further assurance by the Prefect that he would engage formally to ensure all 43 evicted complainants were able to access emergency housing. As of 17 April, these families were in emergency housing around greater Paris; after 22 April they will have to re-contact the emergency housing services for further accommodation.

In a meeting with Amnesty International France delegates on 8 April, the Mayor of Ris-Orangis stated that he had received letters from Amnesty International activists worldwide and signalled that he would engage with local NGOs to follow up with the situation of the people accepted into the integration project.

Thank you for taking action. Although the forced eviction went ahead, your appeals have been heard and may help to ensure some of those evicted are able to obtain more secure living conditions in the future.

This is the first update of UA 81/13

Further Information on UA: 81/13 Index: EUR 21/006/2013 Issue Date: 19 April 2013

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