Document - Further information on UA 216/91 (EUR 21/02/91, 25 June) - France / Gabon: Summary expulsion of refugee: Abdelmoumen Diouri, refugee from Morocco

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17 July 1991

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Further information on UA 216/81 (EUR 21/02/91, 25 June 1991) - Summary expulsion of refugee

FRANCE/GABON:Abdelmoumen Diouri, refugee from Morocco

Abdelmoumen Diouri returned from Gabon to France on 16 July 1991, following a judgment of the Administrative Tribunal of Paris suspending the order of the French authorities to expel him to Gabon under a special procedure.

Amnesty International had been concerned that Abdelmoumen Diouri would not be afforded effective and durable protection in Gabon against forcible return to Morocco. Amnesty International had also been concerned that his expulsion from France had occurred apparently without allowing him the right to present reasons against his expulsion, and the right to legal representation before the decision was made to expel him and without allowing him a reasonable period within which to seek legal admission to another country, as required under international standards.

Following an appeal lodged by Abdelmoumen Diouri's lawyer after his expulsion, on 10 July 1991 the Administrative Tribunal of Paris issued a judgment against the action of the Minister of the Interior ordering his expulsion to Gabon. The Tribunal's judgment temporarily suspended the Minister's order because it was considered that he had exceeded his powers in using the special procedure of urgence absolue (absolute urgency) to expel Abdelmoumen Diouri. Following this judgment, Abdelmoumen Diouri returned to France on 16 July 1991.

NO FURTHER ACTION IS REQUIRED FOR THE TIME BEING. In the meantime, thank you to those of you who sent appeals in this case.

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