Document - Pakistan: Unauthorised Amnesty International activities




Index: ASA 33/015/2012

25 September 2012

Pakistan: Unauthorised Amnesty International activities

Amnesty International has become aware of the misuse of its name and logo in Pakistan. We are aware of a number of individuals and organisations operating under various names which might appear to be associated with Amnesty International, including ‘Amnesty Pakistan’ and ‘AI Pakistan’. At least one such organisation is collecting membership fees from individuals.

These activities are not authorized by Amnesty International and none of these organisations represent Amnesty International in Pakistan in any way. Whilst Amnesty International has a very active Pakistan team that visits the country several times each year, it does not have an office or permanent base in Pakistan, nor does it have representatives authorised to speak on its behalf residing in Pakistan.

If you are in doubt about the identity or authority of an Amnesty International delegate, or would like further information about Amnesty International’s work on the human rights situation in Pakistan, please contact the International Secretariat via our website or call +44-20-74135500.

Amnesty International acknowledges and appreciates the desire for people in Pakistan and elsewhere to take part in its human rights movement. Pakistan residents wishing to join Amnesty International are invited to register as international members through the organisation’s website This is at present the sole route to membership within Pakistan and many other countries and is free of charge. International members in Pakistan are not authorised to speak on behalf of or in the name of Amnesty International.

For the last 50 years, Amnesty international has worked for the promotion, protection and respect of human rights throughout the world. Its actions are impartial and independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion.

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