Document - Pakistan: Further information: Abducted students found in detention


Further information on UA: 162/11 Index: ASA 33/007/2011 Pakistan Date: 02 August 2011 URGENT ACTION ABDUCTED STUDENTS FOUND IN DETENTION Pakistani brothers Abdullah and Ibrahim Mohamed El-Sharkawi have now been found in detention, after allegedly being abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies in Pakistan on 25 and 29 May respectively. Ibrahim was released on bail on 27 June; Abdullah was located on 23 July. Ibrahim Mohamed El-Sharkawi, aged 17, was transferred to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi on 3 June and released on bail on 27 June. He told his family that after he was abducted he was secretly detained by the Federal Intelligence Agency (FIA) for a few days and then moved to an unknown location for a few more days, where he was beaten, hung up by his wrists and deprived of sleep. After around six days of secret detention, he was transferred to the Adiala Jail where he was held in a cell with over 50 child detainees, where it was so overcrowded that he had to sleep almost standing up. He was not allowed out of the cell for any outdoor activities. Abdullah Mohamed El-Sharkawi phoned his family on 23 July to tell them that he had been transferred to Adiala Jail. According to his family, he had been secretly detained by the intelligence agencies since he was abducted on 25 May, hung up by his wrists and beaten. Abdullah told his family that two or three days before his transfer to Adiala Jail, he was put on a minibus in Rawalpindi to take him to his hometown, Attock, but a few minutes later the police arrived and arrested him on a charge of not having legal documents. The criminal charges against Ibrahim and his brothers still stand. The FIA charged Ibrahim and his other three brothers with illegal residency in Pakistan under section 14 of the Foreigners Act. The charges against the brothers appear to be unfounded, as by law they are considered Pakistani citizens, though their father is a Pakistani citizen of Egyptian origin, also confirmed by a ruling of the Peshawar High Court in January 2010. The lawyer for the two brothers challenged the charges against them in court. After Abdullah was subjected to enforced disappearance, his family submitted his case to the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances, set up by the government to investigate such cases. Since Abdullah has been traced, the Commission considers his case closed now and it is up to the Courts to investigate his enforced disappearance and those responsible. No further action is requested from the UA network. Amnesty International will continue to monitor the brothers' situation, and take further campaigning action if necessary. This is the second update of UA 162/11. Further information:

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