Document - Further information on UA 137/94 (ASA 33/02/94, 6 April) - Pakistan: political killing / fear for safety: Manzoor Masih, Rehmat Masih, Salamat Masih, John Joseph

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8 June 1994

Further information on UA 137/94 (ASA 33/02/94, 6 April 1994) - Political Killing / fear for safety

PAKISTANManzoor Masih (aged 35)

Rehmat Masih (aged 37)

Salamat Masih (aged 13)

John Joseph

Amnesty International has received reports that three people have been arrested and jailed in connection with the shooting in Lahore on 5 April 1994 in which a Christian, Manzoor Masih, was killed, and three other Christians, Rehmat Masih, Salamat Masih and John Joseph were seriously injured. The police investigation is believed to be continuing.

Intimidation of the Christian community has continued. Since their release on bail, Salamat and Rehmat Masih have been in hiding for fear of attack from Islamic fundamentalists. Human rights activist John Joseph has been threatened and subsequently suffered an arson attack on his house. The families of Salamat, Rehmat and Manzoor Masih continue to receive threats.

Amnesty International has not received any response from the government regarding the shooting although the Foreign Minister reportedly issued a public statement that Manzoor Masih had been shot by Indian agents. While welcoming the reports that the authorities have taken measures to bring those responsible for the shooting to justice, Amnesty International believes that the Foreign Minister's statement makes no attempt to clarify the situation and hence does nothing to diminish the danger faced by the Christian minority.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail letters in English or your own language:

- welcoming the news that the government has taken measures to bring those responsible for the shooting of the four Christians in Lahore on 5 April 1994 to justice;

- expressing concern at reports that members of the Christian community continue to be under threat of attack, and urging the authorities to take steps to ensure their safety;

- calling on the authorities to make public the results of the police investigation into the shooting.


1. President Farooq Ahmad Leghari

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PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat or your section office if sending appeals after 20 July 1994.

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