Document - Republic of Maldives: Further information on possible prisoners of conscience / health concern: Ahamed Shafeeq, Ali Moosa Didi, Mohamed Shafeeq

EXTERNALAI Index: ASA 29/05/95

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23 August 1995

Further information on UA 115/95 (ASA 29/02/95, 25 May 1995) and follow-ups (ASA 29/03/95, 15 June 1991, ASA 29/04/95, 21 July 1995) - Possible Prisoners of Conscience / Health Concern

REPUBLIC OF MALDIVESAli Moosa Didi, writer and politician

Ahamed Shafeeq, aged 67, former civil

servant, writer

Mohamed Shafeeq, former civil servant

Amnesty International remains concerned about the health of Ali Moosa Didi and Ahamed Shafeeq, who were arrested on 21 April 1995 and about the health of the latter's son, Mohamed Shafeeq, who was arrested on 17 July.

Ali Moosa Didi, who suffers from a heart condition, was transferred from Dhoonidhoo detention centre to Male' police headquarters on 16 July. It has recently been reported that his health has deteriorated, and he has been seen being taken to hospital in Male' for treatment. His relatives were reportedly allowed to see him in hospital but were not allowed to speak to him.

Mohamed Shafeeq was transferred from Dhoonidhoo detention centre to house arrest on 15 August. As is the case with his father, who also continues to be under house arrest, he is allowed to receive visitors. Reports indicate that Mohamed Shafeeq is physically weak which may be as a result of ill-treatment he received while detained at Dhoonidhoo detention centre.

To date, Ali Moosa Didi, Ahamed Shafeeq and Mohamed Shafeeq have not been charged or brought before a court.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express/ airmail letters in English or in your own language:

- expressing concern about the continued detention of Ali Moosa Didi, Ahamed Shafeeq and Mohamed Shafeeq, and about their state of health;

- while acknowledging that he has received regular treatment, requesting that Ali Moosa Didi be humanely treated while in custody at Male' police headquarters and that he continues to be given all necessary medical treatment for his heart condition.

- calling for the immediate and unconditional release of the three detainees, if they are not to be promptly charged with recognizable criminal offences.


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