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AI Index: ASA 29/004/2004 (Public)

News Service No: 203

13 August 2004

Maldives: peaceful demonstrators beaten and detained

Over a dozen peaceful demonstrators have been taken into custody by the Maldivian authorities in the past few hours. Amnesty International is calling on the Maldivian government to ensure their safety and security, after emerging reports of security forces beating those in detention.

Dr Mohamed Monawar, the former Attorney General of the Maldives and an opposition party leader, and Muad Mohamed Zaki, the son of the political prisoner Mohamed Zaki, have both been beaten while in custody today.

Amnesty International is deeply concerned at reports of large numbers of injured people needing hospital treatment after the police used sticks and batons to attack them during the demonstrations. The organization is urging the government to adhere to international human rights standards.

The government declared a state of emergency today as mass demonstrations took place over the last week against the slow pace of reform and the continued detention of political prisoners.

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