Document - Maldives: Further information on fear of torture/fear for safety, Mohamed Nasheed

PUBLICAI Index: ASA 29/004/2001

12 November 2001

Further information on UA 274/01 (ASA 29/003/2001, 26 October 2001) - Fear of torture/fear for safety

REPUBLIC OF MALDIVESMohamed Nasheed, MP for Male’

Mohamed Nasheed was sentenced to two and a half years’ banishment on 8 November after a short trial. He was not allowed to have a lawyer represent him, or to speak in his own defence.

He was found guilty of the theft of unspecified "Government Property". The charges may have been politically motivated. Amnesty International therefore believes that he may be a prisoner of conscience and is investigating the charges against him and the fairness of his trial.

He had been held at Male’ police station since his arrest on 8 October, mostly incommunicado, and there had been fears for his safety. He is now under house arrest.

No further action is requested from the Urgent Action network. Thank you to all who sent appeals.

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