Document - Maldives: Further information Fear for Safety/ Fear of Torture or ill-treatment

PUBLICAI Index: ASA 29/003/2002

5 June 2002

Further information on UA 41/02 (ASA 29/002/2002, 11 February 2002) - Fear for Safety/Fear of Torture or Ill-treatment

REPUBLIC OF Mohamed Zaki (m) ] businessman

MALDIVESIbrahim Luthfee] businessman

Ahammaadhee (m)

Fathimath Nisreen (f)

Released:Ismail Zaki (m)] businessman

Naushad Waheed (m)] artist/cartoonist

Ismail Zaki, who was arrested along with his brother, Mohamed Zaki in Male’, on 31 January was reportedly released on 23 February following his transfer to house arrest on 14 February. He is unable to leave the country as his passport was been retained by the authorities. Naushad Waheed is also reported to have been released, though the charges against him are not known.

Mohamed Zaki is reportedly still being held at Dhoonidhoo detention centre on an island near Male’. The Government of Maldives has not responded to appeals asking about the reasons for his arrest.

Ibrahim Luthfee, Mohamed Zaki, a third man known as Ahammaadhee, and Fathimath Nisreen, a young woman who used to work for Ibrahim Luthfee, were reportedly brought to court in Male’ on 29 May. They were reportedly not allowed the services of a lawyer and were charged with “... conspiring to cause hatred in the people’s mind towards the government". The latter two may or may not be the two students referred to in the original urgent action.

The four detainees may have been arrested because of their alleged involvement in the circulation of an Internet bulletin, called Sandhaanu. This was sent by email and reportedly contained articles that were critical of the government.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals in English or your own language:

- welcoming news of the release of Naushad Waheed and Ismail Zaki;

- calling for the charges against Mohamed Zaki, Ibrahim Luthfee, Ahammaadhee and Fathimath Nisreen to be made public;

- urging the government the confirm the whereabouts of all the detainees;

- urging the authorities to ensure that the detainees are not subjected to torture or ill-treatment while in custody;

- urging that they be given access to their lawyers, relatives and medical treatment should they require it;

- urging that if they are to be tried, their trial should conform to international standards of fair trial, including being represented by a lawyer of their choosing;


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