Document - China: Further information: Activist under house arrest after release


Further information on UA: 92/11 Index: ASA 17/023/2011 China Date: 03 May 2011


activist under house arrest after release

Human rights activist Ding Fangguan (known as Gu Chuan) has been returned to his family home in Beijing where he, his wife Li Xinai, and their children remain under illegal house arrest.

The police escorted Ding Fangguan home on 22 April 2011. He is now under illegal house arrest together with his wife Li Xinai, and their two infant children. There are 4 to 5 policemen stationed in front of their house at all times, only allowing Li Xinai to go out to buy food.

The police told Ding Fangguan’s family that he was released on “qubao houshen” (‘obtain a guarantor while pending trial’), a type of bail under which an individual is not allowed to leave their city or country of residence without permission. The ‘guarantor’ is either a personal or financial guarantor. It is limited to one year and is supposed to be applied to individuals suspected of minor crimes or against whom there is insufficient evidence to justify arrest According to his family Ding Fangguan is tired, weak and looks pale. He has not yet been able or willing to describe in detail what kind of treatment he was subjected to during the 62 days he was held in incommunicado detention.

Amnesty International will continue to closely monitor their situation and take further action as appropriate.

No further action is required. Many thanks to all those who sent appeals.

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country. Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date. This is the first update of UA: 92/11 Further information:

FU UA: 92/11 Index: ASA 17/023/2011 Issue Date: 03 May 2011

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