Document - USA: Open letter to President Obama regarding the treatment in custody of PFC Bradley Manning

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D ear Mr President

re treatment in custody of pfc bradley manning

Earlier this year Amnesty International wrote to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates about the treatment of PFC Bradley Manning in pre-trial detention at the Quantico Marine Corps Base. We expressed concern that his conditions of confinement – which include 23-hour confinement to a small, sparsely furnished cell and other deprivations – were unnecessarily harsh and in breach of international standards for humane treatment.

We understand that Private Manning’s conditions have not improved and have been defended by the military authorities as in keeping with their procedures. However, Amnesty International remains concerned that his conditions fall short of international standards for humane treatment and are inconsistent with his status as an untried prisoner. We are further concerned by the impact that his conditions may have on his psychological health which, in turn, may affect his ability to assist in his defence and thus his right to a fair trial.

I enclose a copy of a further letter which Amnesty International has today sent to the Secretary of Defense regarding Bradley Manning’s detention conditions. We urge that measures are taken to ensure that he is no longer held in 23-hour solitary confinement and subjected to other undue deprivations.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Lee

Program Director

Americas Regional Program

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