Document - Mexico: Fear for safety of social activist in Mexico: Aleph Jiménez Domínguez


UA: 275/12 Index: AMR 41/066/2012 Mexico Date: 25/09/2012


fear for safEty of Social activist in mexico

Fears surround the possible enforced disappearance of activist and spokesperson in Ensenada, Baja California, North Western Mexico. To date his whereabouts is unknown.

An activist and spokesperson of the protest movement #YoSoy132 in Ensenada, Baja California, Aleph Jiménez Domínguez, has been reported missing by colleagues who fear he may have been abducted or detained. He was last seen on the afternoon of 20 September when a colleague left him in front of a bank in central Ensenada. Two days before his disappearance, Aleph Jiménez Domínguez had commented to two friends that he was concerned for his safety after he had seen a man in a pick-up truck patrolling around his home. A formal complaint has been filed with the Baja California State Attorney General’s Office in Ensenada. There is no further information on the steps taken to investigate his apparent disappearance.

On 15 September, Aleph Jiménez Domínguez had been one of 20 activists from the Ensenada group of the #YoSoy132 movement who were arrested by the Municipal Police after a scuffle during a protest on Mexico’s Independence Day. They had been protesting against the results of 1 July presidential elections when police, acting aggressively caused minor injuries to protestors and media workers. Aleph Jiménez Domínuez and the other activists were released shortly after without charge and having paid a small fine.

Please write immediately in Spanish, English or your own language:

Urging authorities to investigate the apparent disappearance of Aleph Jiménez Domínguez in order to establish his whereabouts;

Calling on the authorities to take steps to guarantee his safety and ensure that if he is in detention he is released immediately or charged with a recognisable criminal offence and his relatives informed as to his whereabouts and condition ;

Calling for an investigation into the arrest of #YoSoy132 activists on 15 September in Ensenda and reports that Aleph Jiménez Domínguez was subject to surveillance and intimidation in the days after his release;

Demanding that the authorities guarantee the safety of #YoSoy132 activists in Ensenada, Baja California.


Governor of Baja California estate

José Osuna Millán

Edificio del Poder Ejecutivo, 3er. Piso, Calzada Independencia No. 994, Centro Cívico, Mexicali, B.C., C.P. 21000

Fax: +52 686 558 1090


Salutation: Dear Governor

Minister of Interior

Dr. Alejandro Poiré Romero

Secretaría de Gobernación

Bucareli 99, 1er. piso, Col. Juárez

Delegación Cuauhtémoc,

México D.F., C.P.06600, México

Fax: +52 55 5093 3414


Salutation: Dear Minister

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Local NGO

Comisión Ciudadana de Derechos Humanos del noroeste, AC


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fear for safEty of social activist in mexico

ADditional Information

The #YoSoy132 movement emerged during the election campaign to protest against the manner in which the election process was conducted and the election of Enrique Peña Nieto, the candidate for the former ruling party, Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, PRI). The movement has continued to campaign against the result of the elections and the president elect. During the election campaign, members of the movement were subject to a number of threats and intimidation during protests in different parts of the country reportedly by supporters of the PRI.

Name: Aleph Jiménez Domínguez & other #YoSoy132 branch of Ensenada, Baja California

Gender m/f: m and f

UA: 275/12 Index: AMR 41/066/2012 Issue Date: 25/09/2012


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