Document - Costa Rica: Further information on fear for safety

EXTERNALAI Index: AMR 24/01/97

19 February 1997

Further information (4) on UA 216/96 (AMR 24/01/96, 5 September 1996) and follow-ups AMR 24/02/96, 16 October; AMR 24/03/96, 5 November; AMR 24/04/96, 19 December - Fear for safety

COSTA RICAReina Xiomara ZELAYA GONZÁLEZ, and her daughters:

Maryuri Johanna ZELAYA GONZÁLEZ, aged 6 (f)

Stephanía Xiomara CABALLERO ZELAYA, aged 12 (f)

Cynthia Lorena CABALLERO ZELAYA, aged 13 (f)

On 11 February Reina Xiomara Zelaya González and her daughters arrived in Sweden, where a relative of hers already lives. The Swedish authorities have granted the family permanent residency in the country.

In a conversation with staff at Amnesty International's International Secretariat, Reina Xiomara said, "I don't know how to thank Amnesty International for everything you have done for me and my family. The fact that we are alive and safe is because of you." ["No sé cómo agradecer a Amnistía Internacional todo lo que han hecho por mi familia, si estamos vivos y a salvo es por AI."]

Those responsible for the campaign of threats and intimidation of Reina Xiomara and her daughters, believed to be members of the Honduran security forces, have still not been brought to account for their actions by the Costa Rican government. Amnesty International is continuing to call for this via other channels.

No further action is requested from the UA Network. Many thanks to all those who sent appeals.

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