Document - Bolivia: Amnesty International calls for reform of the justice system and transparency of past human rights abuses



AI Index: AMR 18/007/2010

9 June 2010

Bolivia: Amnesty International calls for reform of the justice system and transparency of past human rights abuses

Human Rights Council adopts Universal Periodic Review outcome on Bolivia

Amnesty International welcomes Bolivia’s positive engagement with the UPR and the voluntary pledges and commitments it made at the time of the Working Group session. The organization also welcomes the focus by many states on Bolivia’s justice system and the reforms that are currently being discussed at the national level.1In order to ensure that these reforms address the pervasive culture of impunity and the widespread lack of trust in the justice system, Amnesty International encourages Bolivia to ensure that all new measures are underpinned by the principles of independence of the judiciary and separation of powers, and in line with international standards for fair trial. The organization reiterates its call for increased transparency in the reform process. This should include, for example, measures to ensure the full participation of civil society, including Bolivia’s Indigenous Peoples, in consultations on proposals for a parallel indigenous jurisdiction.

Amnesty International acknowledges measures highlighted in Bolivia’s national report for the UPR regarding the exhumation of victims of enforced disappearance.2 The organization takes this opportunity to again encourage the government to make available archives dating back to the period of military and authoritarian rule that shed light on human rights abuses committed during that period.

Amnesty International recognizes the significant guarantees to respect Indigenous Peoples’ rights in Bolivia’s new Constitution. In order for these rights to be realized, it urges the government to ensure that the free, prior and informed consent of Indigenous Peoples is sought in relation to reforms that affect them.


The UN Human Rights Council adopted the outcome of the Universal Periodic Review of Bolivia on 9 June 2010 during its 14thsession. Prior to the adoption of the report of the review Amnesty International delivered the oral statement above. Amnesty International also contributed to the information basis for the review through its submission on Bolivia:

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International Secretariat, Amnesty International, 1 Easton St., London WC1X 0DW, UK


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