Document - Togo: Further information: Students arrested at demo released


Further information on UA: 97/12 Index: AFR 57/003/2012 Togo Date: 27 April 2012URGENT ACTION STUDENTS ARRESTED AT DEMO RELEASED Togolese students arrested on 28 March and 3 April, following demonstrations at the University of Kara, have been released. Students Agnité Massama, Bitsioudi Birénam and Sidiba Mohamed who were arrested on 28 March at the University of Kara, have been released. They are members of the National Union of Pupils and Students of Togo (Union nationale des élèves et étudiants du Togo). A fourth student, Alinki M’claw, was arrested on 3 April and was also released. They had been charged with "incitement to revolt" (incitation à la révolte) after they organized a general assembly to discuss the government's failure to honour its promise to grant benefits to support students, and scholarships on the basis of merit. They were all released on 24 April without being brought to trial. The University of Kara and the University of Lomé were both closed for several weeks after student demonstrations calling for more funding. On 21 March, the government had decided, following discussions with the universities and the students’ associations, that the universities should reopen, as the situation had calmed down. The authorities had also decided to grant financial help and scholarships, in line with specific requirements. However, on 28 March, students were still not satisfied that the authorities would keep their promises, and there were further demonstrations. Many thanks to all who sent appeals. No further action is requested from the UA network. Names: Agnité Massama, Bitsioudi Birénam, Sidiba Mohamed, Alinki M’claw Gender m/f: all male This is the second update of UA 97/12. Further information: Further information on UA: 97/12 Index: AFR 57/003/2012 Issue Date: 27 April 2012

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