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Further information on UA: 226/10 Index: AFR 54/037/2011 Sudan Date: 6 December 2011



Seven prisoners in North Darfur , Sudan, ha d their death sentences upheld on 29 November. Two of the m were under 18 years old at the time of the alleged crime.

The seven prisoners are part of a group of ten people tried by the South Darfur Special Criminal Court in October 2010 for a carjacking in May 2010. A total of eleven individuals allegedly affiliated with the Darfurian armed opposition group, the Justice and Equality Movement, were tried in relation to the attack. One of the eleven was acquitted and three minors received prison sentences. The Supreme Court in Khartoum ordered a retrial due to the inclusion of minors in that trial. However, on 29 November, the Special Criminal Court in North Darfur upheld death sentences against the seven defendants under the 2005 Terrorism Act and the Sudanese Criminal Act.

A lawyer from North Darfur's state capital, El Fasher, submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court on 4 December.

The seven people sentenced to death are Abdelgasim Abdallah Abubaker , Mohamed Adam Eisa, Adam Altoum Adam, Alsadig Abbakar Yahya , Hassan Ishag Abdallah , Abdelrazig Daoud Abdessed and Ibrahim Shareef Youssif. Abdelrazig Daoud Abdessed and Ibrahim Shareef Youssif were allegedly aged 15 and 17 respectively at the time of the carjacking. The application of the death penalty to a child is forbidden by Sudan’s 2010 Child Act and by Article 37 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Sudan is a state party.

In addition to these seven death sentences two minors, Idriss Adam Abbaker and Abdallah Abdallah Daoud were sentenced to two years of imprisonment. Altayib Mohammed Yagoub, also reportedly a minor, was sentenced to two years in reform prison.

Please write immediately in English, Arabic or your own language:

Calling on the authorities to commute the death sentences of the seven people sentenced to death;

Urging the authorities to ensure that the children convicted are retried in proceedings that meet international standards of juvenile justice;

Stating that international human rights law and standards and the Sudanese 2010 Child Act prohibit the execution of children;

Stating your opposition to the death penalty as a violation of the right to life and the ultimate cruel, inhuman, and degrading punishment, and calling for all death sentences to be commuted and a moratorium established.



HE Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir

Office of the President

People’s Palace, PO Box 281

Khartoum, Sudan

Fax: +249 183 782 541

Salutation: Your Excellency

Minister of Justice

Mohammed Bushara Dousa

Ministry of Justice, PO Box 302

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Khartoum, Sudan


Fax: +249 183 764 168

Salutation: Your Excellency

And copies to:

Minister of Interior

Ibrahim Mohamed Hamed

Ministry of Interior

PO Box 873

Khartoum, Sudan

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.

Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date. This is the first update of UA 226/10. Further information:



ADditional Information

According to UN estimates, around 300,000 people have been killed and more than 2.7 million displaced since 2003 as a result of the Darfur conflict. The conflict has been marked by large-scale violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, including war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, all of which were ratified by Sudan, prohibit the passing of death sentences against juvenile offenders. Although Sudan’s 2010 Child Act changed the definition of a child to a person under 18 of age, it is of concern that the practice of medical examinations and the way they are conducted by courts in Sudan would still allow for suspected juvenile offenders to be sentenced to death.

Name: Abdelgasim Abdallah Abubaker, Mohamed Adam Eisa, Adam Altoum Adam, Alsadig Abbakar Yahya, Hassan Ishag Abdallah, Abdelrazig Daoud Abdessed, Ibrahim Shareef Youssif, Idriss Adam Abbaker, Abdallah Abdallah Daoud and Altayib Mohammed Yagoub

Gender m/f: Male

Further information on UA: 226/10 Index: AFR 54/037/2011 Issue Date: 6 December 2011

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