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Further information on UA: 205/11 Index: AFR 54/031/2012 Sudan Date: 16 July 2012



Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma, a human rights activist from Southern Kordofan, was released on 27 June after being detained by the Sudanese authorities for one year without charge or access to a lawyer. During this period his health deteriorated and he was subjected to torture and other ill treatment.

Following his arrest on 25 June 2011, Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma was detained in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, without charge, trial or access to a lawyer and with limited access to his family, for a period of one year. A judge ordered his release on 14 August 2011, however immediately following this he was re-arrested by Sudan’s National Security Services (NSS). He has said he was tortured and subjected to other forms of ill-treatment during his detention, including severe beatings, being forced into stress positions and the denial of adequate medical care.

Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma suffers from asthma and heart disease. While in detention he developed a slipped disc in his spine and other health conditions as a result of ill-treatment and hunger strikes he undertook in September and October 2011. Despite his deteriorating health, he was not provided with adequate medication and was repeatedly denied access to a doctor.

On 19 June, two days after a judge had ordered his release for the second time, Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma went on another hunger strike in protest against his continued detention. He was transferred to the police hospital in Khartoum on 24 June in a critical condition and was undergoing medical treatment when the Sudanese authorities decided to release him on 27 June.

Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma is an X-ray technician and the founder of the Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO) in Southern Kordofan State, Sudan. Prior to this, he was the director of Sudan Social Development Organisation (SUDO) in the Darfur region of Sudan, and from 2006 to 2008 he was a member of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma and his family have expressed their special thanks to Amnesty International and all those who took action for him. No further action is requested from the UA network.

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Name: Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma

Gender m/f: M

Further information on UA: 205/11 Index: AFR 54/031/2012 Issue Date: 16 July 2012

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