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Further information on UA: 18/11 Index: AFR 54/018/2011 Sudan Date: 7 June 2011 Date: 7 June 2011


last ACTIVIST from january protests released

Adil Ibrahim Karar, the last of the activist s known to have been detained in connection with demonstrations in Sudan in January, was released on 29 May. He had been arrested on 31 January in Omdurman, on suspicion of intending to take part in a demonstration .

Adil Ibrahim Karar, 56, was arrested at a bookshop in Omdurman on 31 January. He was one of over 70 people who were detained in connection with protests that had begun the previous day.

On 30 January large protests took place in the capital, Khartoum, and also in Omdurman and surrounding towns and cities in northern Sudan. In Khartoum, around 2,000 people gathered for a peaceful protest. Riot police and the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) responded with teargas, batons and mass arrests. There have been reports that the NISS subjected detainees to torture or other ill-treatment.

Adil Ibrahim Karar was detained without charge. He suffers from asthma and back problems, but was refused medical treatment and access to pain medication.

On 27 April, the NISS arrested Adil Ibrahim Karar’s wife and two children, aged 13 and 18. After being held for nine hours they were released, but faced threats and harassment from the police, who searched their home twice.

Adil Ibrahim Karar’s family expressed their gratitude to those who took action for him . No further action is requested from the Urgent Action network.

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