Document - Further information on UA 107/92 (AFR 54/12/92, 1 April and follow-up AFR 54/13/92, 3 April) - Sudan: legal and health concern: Nadia Hassan Ali Karrar, Afifa Hassan Ali Karrar, Layla Hassan Ali Karrar, Haram Ahmad Ali Karrar, Saria Abdelmoneim Karrar, Ha

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6 April 1992

Further information on UA 107/92 (AFR 54/12/92, 1 April 1992, and follow-up AFR 54/13/92, 3 April 1992) - Legal and Health Concern

SUDAN:Nadia Hassan Ali Karrar (Female)

Afifa Hassan Ali Karrar (Female)

Layla Hassan Ali Karrar (Female)

Haram Ahmad Ali Karrar (Female)

Saria Abdelmoneim Karrar,eight-year-old child

Hana al-Sadiq Abdullah al-Fadl al-Mahdi (Female)

Majda Mustafa Awad Khojali (Female)

Manal Mustafa Awad Khojali (Female)

Muna Mustafa Awad Khojali

the mother of Majda, Manal and Muna

Mhassin Abulgassim (Female)

Mona Abulgassim (Female)

Awadia Abulgassim (Female)

Awatif Mirghani Taha (Female)

Samira Hassan Ali Karrar (Female)

Manal Mohammed Mahgoub (Female)

Hayat (Female)

Fathia (Female)

Zakia (Female)

Fatima (Female)

Assia (Female)

Mahassin (Female)

Salwa (Female)

Samira (Female)

and the mother of Lt. Col. Mohamed Abdulaziz

Majda Mustafa Awad Khojali, one of the 23 women and one child named above who were arrested while demonstrating in Khartoum on 31 March and 1 April 1992, is reported to have been taken ill while in detention.

In the follow-up to UA 107/92 (AFR 54/13/92, 3 April 1992), it was reported that she suffers from a heart condition and had been denied medical attention. It is now reported that on 1 April 1992 she was taken from Omdurman Women's Prison under the promise of being taken to receive medical attention. Instead, she was taken to the headquarters of the national Security Services where she was interrogated and beaten. A security official is reported to have then given her an injection, but the nature of this and the reasons for it are unknown. After the injection she is reported to have been taken ill and to have experienced swelling of her body. The security officials who were returning her to Omdurman Women's Prison, took her to her home so she could collect medication. However, on her return to prison, she reportedly fell into a coma.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/express and airmail letters

- expressing serious concern about reports that Majda Mustafa Awad Khojali, who suffers from a heart complaint, is reported to have been taken seriously ill and denied adequate medical attention;

- expressing concern that she is reported to have been beaten when taken for interrogation at the headquarters of Sudan Security on 1 April 1992,

and was given an injection there of an unknown substance which may have worsened her condition;

- seeking assurances that she is now receiving medical attention and has access to her family and lawyer;

- urging that Majda Mustafa Awad Khojali, regarded by Amnesty International to be a prisoner of conscience together with the 22 other women and one child arrested on 31 March and 1 April 1992, be immediately and unconditionally released.

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1. His Excellency Lieutenant General

Omar Hassan al-Bashir

Head of State and Chairman of the NSRCC

People's Palace

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and to diplomatic representatives of Sudan in your country.

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section office, if sending appeals after 18 May 1992.

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