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Further information on UA: 51/13 Index: AFR 44/005/2013 Nigeria Date: 10 May 2013

URGENT ACTION DEMOLITIONS CEASE BUT PEOPLE STILL HOMELESS Hundreds of people in Badia East settlement in Lagos State, Nigeria, are still at risk of further evictions, after they were forcibly evicted from their homes on 23 February. The authorities did not extend the demolitions into other parts of Badia East, but the fear of further demolitions remains. On 23 February, hundreds of homes were demolished in Badia East by the Lagos State government. Residents were not given adequate notice, and were not provided with alternative housing or compensation. Up to 200 heavily armed police officers supervised the demolition and some residents who tried to resist the demolition of their homes were beaten up by the police.

Residents of Badia East condemned the demolition and marched to the Lagos State governor’s office a few days after the forced eviction. However, the governor refused to meet the community leaders to listen to their concerns.

After the demolition, many of the forcibly evicted residents of Badia East had no where else to go and began building temporary shelters from materials salvaged from their demolished homes.

On 25 March the Lagos State authorities started to intimidate and harass the forcibly evicted Badia East residents, telling them that they could not stay in provisional structures. Five men were arrested on the same day after they started building a water tank to allow the provision of free emergency water to the community after a water pipe was destroyed during the demolition. The harassment continued on 26 March as officials of the Monitoring and Enforcement task force chased some people away from their makeshift shelters.

Amnesty International and Nigerian NGO Social and Economic Rights Action Centre (SERAC), condemned the demolitions and the subsequent intimidation of residents, called for the authorities not to carry out further demolitions, and urged the State authorities to provide affected residents with emergency relief and effective remedies including adequate alternative housing.

On 28 February, SERAC filed a lawsuit at the Lagos State High Court on behalf of the residents of Badia East, seeking to prevent the Lagos State Government from carrying out further demolitions or making use of the land from which Badia East residents were forcibly evicted. On 12 April, injunctions sought by SERAC were dismissed by the Court, leaving the residents of Badia East with the continuing fear of further demolitions in the informal settlement.

Amnesty International and SERAC will continue to campaign on behalf of the residents of Badia East as well as residents of other communities at risk of forced evictions in Lagos State.

No further action is requested from the UA network at this stage. Many thanks to those who sent appeals. This is the first update of UA 51/13. Further information:

Name: Hundreds of people forcibly evicted in Badia East settlement Gender m/f: both

Further information on UA: 51/13 Index: AFR 44/005/2013 Issue Date: 10 May 2013

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