Document - Further information on UA 111/91 (AFR 37/03/91, 25 March) - Mali: extrajudicial executions / legal concern: Bintou Maiga, Brehima Beridiogo and over 20 others arrested and over 150 people killed

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12 April 1991

Further information on UA 111/91 (AFR 37/03/91, 25 March 1991) - Extrajudicial executions/Legal Concern

MALI: Bintou Maïga (f), court clerk

Bréhima Béridiogo, sociology lecturer at the Ecole normale

supérieure, teachers training college

Both leading officials of the Comité national d'initiative

démocratique (CNID), National Committee of Democratic


and over 20 others arrested and over 150 people killed

The government of General Moussa Traoré, who had ruled after Mali seizing power in a coup in 1968, was overthrown on 26 March 1991.

On 25 March a general strike went ahead amid opposition demands for the resignation of the President, for the dissolution of the National Assembly and for the formation of a Comité de salut public, People's Salvation Committee, to act as a transitional government. This followed days of unrest in the capital, Bamako, and other towns in Mali during which the security forces killed more than 150 people and injured over a thousand. More than 20 others were arrested.

In the early hours of the morning of 26 March President Traoré was arrested by fellow army officers led by Lieutenant-Colonel Amadou Touré. Some 50 others associated with the former government were also detained. A Conseil de réconciliation nationale (CRN), National Reconciliation Council, was formed, replaced shortly afterwards by a Comité de transition pour le salut du peuple (CTSP), Transitional Committee for Popular Salvation, composed of both military personnel and civilians.

On 2 April the CTSP appointed Soumano Sacko as Prime Minister who then named a transitional government to rule until elections which are to take place before the end of the year. The authorities have also said that President Traoré and others arrested at the same time are to be brought to trial.

Those arrested during the days of unrest which preceded the overthrow of the government have been released.

No further action by Urgent Action participants is requested. Thank you to all who sent appeals.

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