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Further Information on UA: 44/10 Index: AFR 24/012/2010 Equatorial Guinea Date: 24 August 2010


Four abducted refugees executed

José Abeso Nsue, Manuel Ndong Anseme, Alipio Ndong Asumu and Jacinto Michá Obiang were sentenced to death on 21 August and executed, apparently within one hour of the sentence being delivered. Their trial was unfair.

José Abeso Nsue is reported to have requested to see his family before being executed. A military officer went to fetch his wife and one of his sons. However, when they arrived at Black Beach prison, in Malabo where the men had been held, the family was informed that it was no longer possible to see him and that they were too late. Custody of his body was not passed to the family. The bodies of the four men were buried in Malabo cemetery at around midnight the same day.

The four refugees, former military officers José Abeso Nsue, Manuel Ndong Anseme, Alipio Ndong Asumuand Jacinto Michá Obiang had been abducted in Benin in January 2010. Reports indicate they had been tortured to make them confess. The authorities in Equatorial Guinea never confirmed that they were holding the men. They were tried between 14 and 16 August by a military court (Consejo de Guerra) in Malabo. On 21 August they were found guilty of “an attack against the head of State and government representative, treason and terrorism”, as perpetrators and were sentenced to death. They were not present in court when their sentences were delivered.

Their execution denied them the right to appeal against their conviction and sentence in accordance with international human rights standards and it deprived them of their right to seek pardon and commutation.

Amnesty International condemns the execution of the four men.

No further action is requested by the Urgent Action network. Thank you to all who wrote appeals on behalf of the four men.

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Four abducted refugees executed

Further information on UA: 44/10 Index: AFR 24/012/2010 Issue Date: 24 August 2010

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