Document - Further information on UA 52/92 (AFR 24/02/92, 13 February and follow-up AFR 24/03/92, 24 February) - Equatorial Guinea: arbitrary arrest / fear of torture: Placido Miko Abogo, Celestino Bacale Obiang, Jose Antonio Dorronsoro, Arsenio Molonga, Jose Luis N

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: AFR 24/05/92

Distr: UA/SC

2 April 1992

Further information on UA 52/92 (AFR 24/02/92, 13 February 1992 and further information AFR 24/03/92, 24 February 1992) - Arbitrary arrest, fear of torture


Celestino Bacale Obiang

José Antonio Dorronsoro

Arsenio Molonga

José Luis Nvumba

The purpose of this up-date is to request all those involved in this Urgent Action to stop all appeals immediately. We will continue to send appeals on behalf of Plácido Mikó Abogo, who remains in prison. A new Urgent Action on his behalf is being issued.

Thank you very much for all your work on behalf of the above mentioned persons.

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