Document - Comores: Further information on death penalty / legal concern

EXTERNALAI Index: AFR 21/05/97

3 June 1997

Further information on EXTRA 149/96 (AFR 21/01/96 , 25 September 1996) and follow-up (AFR 21/02/97, 13 January 1997) - Death penalty / Legal concern

COMOROSSaidali Mohamed alias "Robin" (not “Rodin” as previously stated)

M. Mohamed Sahali

M. Machallah

Youssouf Hamadi (name previously unknown)

Amnesty International has learned that Saidali Mohamed, one of four men convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to death last year in Moroni, was executed on 29 May 1997. It is feared that the three men who were convicted with him and who remain on death row, are now facing imminent execution. They are being denied the right to appeal against their conviction and sentences.

Saidali Mohamed is the second Comoran to be executed without recourse to appeal since President Mohamed Taki came to power in March 1996. As a result of a separate conviction, Ali Youssouf was executed on 18 September 1996, just days after his sentence was passed (see original EXTRA action).

Amnesty International believes that the speed with which the execution of Ali Youssouf was carried out and the denial of the right of appeal to those on death row may indicate an emerging pattern, in the light of President Taki’s stated intention to crack down on violent crime.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express/ airmail letters in French, Arabic, Kiswahili, English or in your own language:

- expressing concern that Saidali Mohamed, alias "Robin", was executed on without being given an opportunity to appeal against his conviction and sentence;

- asking for the commutation of the death sentence against M. Mohamed Sahali, M.Machallah and Youssouf Hamadi;

- urging that the men be allowed to exercise their right to appeal to a higher independent and impartial appeal court

- explaining Amnesty International’s unconditional opposition to the death penalty in all cases.


1. President

Mohamed Taki Abdoulkarim

Président de la République

BP 521, Moroni, Comoros

Telegrams: President, Moroni, Comoros

Telexes: 233 PRESIREP KO

Salutation: Monsieur le Président / Dear President

Fax: + 269 74 48 21

2. Minister of Justice

Ali Hassanly

Ministre de la Justice, Garde des Sceaux et administration penitentiaire

Ministère de la Justice

Moroni, Comoros

Telegrams: Ministre Justice, Moroni, Comoros

Telexes: 219 MAERFIC KO

Salutation: Madame le Ministre / Dear Minister


Ministry of Defence

Colonel Moilimou Djoussouf

Chef d’état major des Forces Unifiées de Sécurité

Moroni, Comoros

Ministry of Interior

M. Achraf Said Hachim

Directeur de la Sûreté Nationale

Moroni, Comoros

and to diplomatic representatives of Comoros accredited to your country.


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