Document - Comores: Further information on death penalty / legal concern

EXTERNALAI Index: AFR 21/02/97

13 January 1997

Further information on EXTRA 149/96 (AFR 21/01/96, 25 September 1996) - Death penalty / Legal concern


M. Mohamed Sahali

M. Ali Machallah

and one other (name unknown)

Ali Youssouf

Amnesty International had expressed its concern that the men named above were at imminent risk of execution after being sentenced to death in September 1996.

Saidali Mohamed, alias "Rodin", was in fact sentenced to death on 31 December 1996 by the Cour d'Assises in Moroni after being found guilty of murder. For further information, see UA 01/97, AFR 21/01/97, 6 January 1997.

Mohamed Sahali and Ali Machallah are now known not to have been sentenced to death. There is no new information concerning the other unnamed person.

Please discontinue appeals.

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