Document - Further information on UA 399/90 (AFR 17/16/90, 5 October) - Cameroon: fear of ill-treatment / legal concern: Abraham Abenyan Mboh, Chrysanthus Agha, Martina Agbor

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Distr: UA/SC

16 November 1990

Further information on UA 399/90 (AFR 17/16/90, 5 October 1990) - Fear of ill-treatment/Legal Concern

CAMEROON:Abraham Abenyan MBOH

Chrysanthus AGHA

Martina AGBOR

Amnesty International has learned that Abraham Abenyan Mboh, Chrysanthus Agha and Martina Agbor were released from detention on or shortly before 16 October 1990.

The three were arrested in September 1990 apparently in connection with the importation of political documents into Cameroon. Amnesty International was concerned that they might have been ill-treated while in detention and that they might have been prisoners of conscience, detained for the expression of their non-violent political views.

No further action by Urgent Action participants is requested; thank you to all those who send appeals.

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