Document - Cameroon: Further information on torture and ill-treatment / health concern

PUBLIC AI Index:AFR 17/12/98

10 September 1998

Further information on UA 113/98 (AFR 17/07/98, 15 April 1998) and follow-

up (AFR 17/11/98, 14 August 1998) - Torture and ill-treatment / Health concern

CAMEROONEbenezer Akwanga, aged 26, student and President of the Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL)

John Bah Atoh

Fon Peter Fonyam

Prisca Fonyam (f)

Bika Iderisu (please note new spelling of surname)

Grace Yaya Kwei (f)

Wilson Che Neba

Philip Tete, aged 59

Nseke Stanley Tete

Patrick Yimbu

Lawrence Fai

and 48 others

Several Urgent Action participants in various countries who sent appeals to the Cameroon authorities on behalf of the above group of 59 prisoners, and who also sent copies of their appeals to The Herald newspaper, have received a letter from the newspaper’s editor.

This letter requests contributions to be made towards providing medical assistance for this group of prisoners. It requests that money be sent to a bank account in Douala.

We would strongly advise Amnesty International members and Urgent Action participants who have received this letter not to send funds directly to The Herald newspaper. Amnesty International has clearly defined procedures for providing financial assistance towards medical care for victims of torture and ill-treatment through established and secure channels. It is important to be able to account effectively for all such payments and to ensure that they reach the most needy beneficiaries.

Any Urgent Action participant who wishes to contribute towards medical and material assistance for this group of prisoners may, however,

send a contribution to the International Secretariat, which will ensure that funds are dispersed through an appropriate intermediary. Any such contributions should be sent directly to the West Africa team at the International Secretariat.

Appeals for this group of prisoners should continue to be sent as previously recommended.

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