Document - Cameroon: Further information on detention without charge/Fear of torture or ill-treatment, seven human rights activists

PUBLIC AI Index: AFR 17/009/2002

30 October 2002

Further information UA 305/02 (AFR 17/007/2002, 10 October 2002)

Detention without charge/fear of torture or ill-treatment


Albert Mukong (m), Ex-Executive Director of Human Rights Defence Group (HRDG)

Pa Ayamba (m)]

Agbor Nfaw Joseph (m)]Members of the Southern

Enow John Enow (m)]Cameroon National Council

Tabe Daniel Agbor (m)](SCNC)

Tambe Atem Valery (m)]

Ojong Samuel Ndip (m)]

The seven detainees named above were released on bail around 22 October. They have been accused of banditry and secession and are due to appear in court in Mamfe, South West Province on 27 November, when they will be formally charged.

No further action is required from the UA network. Many thanks to all who have sent appeals.

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