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UA: 250/12 Index: AFR 12/003/2012 Angola Date: 24 August 2012


angolan war veterans abducted

António Alves Kamulingue and Isaías Sebastião Cassule have not been seen since they were abducted in the Angolan capital, Luanda, respectively on 27 and 29 May.

António Alves Kamulingue and Isaías Sebastião Cassule are war veterans. They were involved in the organization of a demonstration planned for 27 May by war veterans and former presidential guards to demand payment for pensions and salaries owed to them.

The former presidential guards decided not to take part in the demonstration at the last minute, but other war veterans proceeded to take part. However, before it could begin, the demonstration was violently suppressed by the police and the demonstrators dispersed. António Alves Kamulingue was still on his way to the place where the demonstrators had congregated when he telephoned a journalist from a hotel and said he was being followed by a group of “well-built men” similar in appearance to those who had been involved in the violent suppression of demonstrations in Luanda in previous months and that he feared for his life. The line was then disconnected and António Alves Kamulingue has not been seen or heard of since.

Two days later, Isaías Sebastião Cassule was abducted by four men in Cazenga district, Luanda. He had received a phone call from someone known only as Tunga who said that he had a video recording of the abduction of António Alves Kamulingue. Isaías Sebastião Cassule went to meet Tunga accompanied by another man who reported that within 15 minutes of the meeting they saw about four well-built men walking toward them. He ran away, but Isaías Sebastião Cassule has not been heard from or seen since.

The families of both men have reported their disappearance to the police and have continued to search for them. The police have repeatedly stated that they are not holding either man Amnesty International believes they may have been abducted by agents acting for the state and that they are victims of enforced disappearance.

Please write immediately in Portuguese or your own language:

Express concern for the safety of António Alves Kamulingue and Isaías Sebastião Cassule, who appear to have been subjected to enforced disappearance,

Call on the authorities to release the two men immediately, if they have been detained, unless charged with a recognisable criminal offence, in which case they must grant them immediate access to their families and lawyers,

Urge the police to carry out an investigation into the abduction of António Alves Kamulingue and Isaías Sebastião Cassule as a matter of urgency with a view to bringing those responsible to justice.



José Eduardo dos Santos

Presidente da República

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República de Angola

Fax: +244 222 392 532 (keep trying)

Salutation: Dear Commander/ Exmo Senhor

Attorney General

João Maria Moreira de Sousa

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República de Angola

Fax: +244 222 333 170/172

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angolan war veterans abducted

ADditional Information

Angolans will go to the polls on 31 August 2012 to elect a new president and a new parliament. Since the announcement of the elections, the authorities have clamped down on freedom of expression, assembly and association

In addition to the demonstration of 27 May, António Alves Kamulingue and Isaías Sebastião Cassule have been involved in some of the anti-government demonstrations that have taken place in Luanda since March 2011, which have been organised primarily by students. These demonstrations have been suppressed, often violently, by the police and, more recently, by groups of “well-built” civilians (believed by demonstrators to be members of the internal security police) acting with impunity and with the connivance of the police. Organisers of the demonstration have often received anonymous threats against their physical integrity, via the telephone and some have actually been attacked in their homes by these civilians. On 22 May, a group of civilians armed with guns, sticks, machetes and knifes burst into the house of Casimiro Carbono and beat the 10 organisers of the demonstrations were meeting there. The sustained head and limb fractures and all required hospital treatment. To date nobody has been brought to justice for this attack.

Following the aborted demonstration of 27 May, war veterans have held at least two demonstrations in June which were violently repressed by the police. They have called for a demonstration on 25 August 2012 in Luanda, which coincides with another demonstration organised by a political party, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola, UNITA)

Name: António Alves Kamulingue and Isaías Sebastião Cassule

Gender: M

UA: 250/12 Index: AFR 12/003/2012 Issue Date: 24 August 2012


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