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AI Index: ACT 77/056/2005 (Public)

News Service No: 254

21 September 2005

The rights of women in armed conflict: an activists' guide

Amnesty International has published a guide on using the law to press governments to implement their obligations toward women in armed conflict. The guide is aimed at those with influence over public services, such as lawyers, teachers and police officers, as well as human rights campaigners and groups.

It is part of a toolkit for activists in Amnesty International's Stop Violence Against Women campaign.

Countless women have been subjected to crimes of violence in times of armed conflict. Violence against women in war is widespread and often systematic.

States have a duty to ensure women's right to freedom from violence no matter what the context -- war or peace, the home or the street -- and regardless of the identity of the perpetrator -- parent, partner, combatant or soldier. Over the past ten years, international law in various areas has addressed the worldwide phenomenon of violence against women.

The problem is that those with power to secure a transformation in women's lives are not taking action. Given the gap between standards on women's rights and the reality on the ground, ensuring the law is respected and implemented requires the hard work of advocates for women's human rights. This guide shows how the law can be used as a tool to challenge and inspire governments to make rights a reality for women.

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