Document - Women’s human rights must be at the centre of the Family Planning Summit: Civil Society Declaration

Women’s human rights must be at the centre of the Family Planning Summit: Civil Society Declaration


JOINT STATEMENT �with the Center for Reproductive Rights, the International Women’s Health Coalition, Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), and Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ)

Index: ACT 77/003/2012

19 June 2012

Women’s human rights must be at the centre of the Family Planning Summit: Civil Society Declaration

We, civil society organizations working to promote women’s and young people’s human rights, call on world leaders on the eve of the “Family Planning Summit”, hosted by the UK Government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to ensure that sexual and reproductive health and rights are at the centre of all efforts to meet reproductive health needs, including family planning.

Contraceptive information and services – “family planning” – form an essential part of the health services that women need throughout their lives. Any steps to increase demand for contraceptives must actively support efforts to improve comprehensive and integrated sexual and reproductive health. Contraceptives must be provided through primary healthcare, with full regard for women’s human rights and the specific needs of young and unmarried women and other groups.

Our experience, built over decades of work around the world, has taught us that the failure to take actions guided by women’s human rights – to health, to life, to live free from discrimination among others – can have devastating consequences. Policies that accept or tacitly condone forced sterilization, the coercive provision of contraceptives, and the denial of essential services to the young, poor and marginalized women that need them every day have violated, and continue to violate, women’s human rights.

Nearly twenty years ago, governments at the International Conference on Population and Development agreed that respect for women’s reproductive autonomy is the cornerstone of population policy. Any return to coercive family planning programs where quality of care and informed consent are ignored would be both shocking and retrograde. The Family Planning Summit must ensure that the clocks are not put back on women’s human rights: women’s autonomy and agency to decide freely on matters related to sexual and reproductive health without any discrimination, coercion or violence must be protected under all circumstances.

In order to expand contraceptive access with full respect for women’s human rights, we urge governments, donors and other actors supporting the Family Planning Summit to:

Take all possible measures to ensure that this initiative is designed with quality of care and human rights at its core, so that no coercive measures are introduced in the provision of contraceptives;

Ensure that meaningful participation by women, including young women, is built into all stages of program design and implementation to ensure that services are responsive to their needs and to prevent any human rights violations;

Ensure that the provision of contraceptives is integrated into existing and new sexual and reproductive health services, and that a full range of contraceptive methods is offered;

Design and implement a system for monitoring, evaluation and accountability to track and measure its impact on the rights of women as this initiative is rolled out, and urgently make necessary corrections should violations come to light;

Commit to tackling the existing legal and policy barriers that hinder access to contraceptive information and services, without which efforts are likely to be ineffective and exacerbate disparities in access.

In 2012, nothing less will do.

�Endorsed by:

Center for Reproductive Rights International

Amnesty International International

Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) International

International Women's Health Coalition International

Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ) International

Women and Children First (UK) UK

Sexuality Policy Watch International

Cynthia Rothschild USA

AIDOS, Associazione italiana donne per lo sviluppo Italy

Aids Orpans care and support program (AOCASP) Kenya

Charlotte Soulary France

Catholics for Choice International

Fundacion Huesped Argentina

L'association Tunisienne des femmes democrates (ATFD) Tunisia

Fiji Women's Rights Movement Fiji

Women's Action for Change Fiji

National Council of Women’s Organizations USA

Voice for Change Papua New Guinea

Lice Cokanasiga Fiji


Generation Initiative For Women and Youth Network Nigeria

Rosia Koian Papua New Guinea

ICW Global USA

ICW North America USA

Michelle Redman-MacLaren Australia

New Zealand Family Planning Association New Zealand

Space Allies Japan

Women and Media Collective Sri Lanka

Pamoja Communications UK

World YWCA International

YP Foundation India


Beth Tinning Australia

Society for Women and AIDS in Africa (SWAA) Cameroon

Susan Paxton, PhD Australia

Women's UN Report Network - WUNRN USA

Devika Biswas India

Renu Khanna India

Women Living Under Muslim Laws United Kingdom

Common Language China

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) International

Grupo de Informacion en Reproduccion Elegida, A.C. (GIRE) Mexico

Melanie Hughes McDermott USA

Diana Tietjens Meyers USA

Marsha Freeman USA

ICW Asia Pacific India


National Alliance on Maternal Health and Human Rights India

Healthwatch Forum Uttar Pradesh India

Ramon Torre Canal Spain

Teenagers Plus CBO Kenya

Global Exchange USA

Osez Le Feminisme! France

Observatorio de Genero y Equidad Chile

Charlotte Bunch USA

Cook Islands Womens Counselling Centre/Punanga Tauturu Inc Cook Island

Centre for Secular Space International

United and Strong Inc Saint Lucia

Donna Shavlik USA

Pramada Menon India

Center for Women's Global Leadership USA

HIV Young Leaders Fund USA/Thailand

Intersect Worldwide USA, India, SA

Shirkat Gah – Women’s Resource Centre Pakistan

Preeti Tanwar Anand India

Eva Fager Sweden

Teresa Cunha Portugal

Instituto Papai Brazil

Guru Arjan Dev Institute of Development Studies India

Youth Peer Education Network Pakistan

Nauru National Youth Council Republic of Nauru

Smita Elena Sharma Malaysia

Marjorie Mbilinyi Tanzania

All Women's Action Society Malaysia

Tour Operation et Initiatives / ONG Democratic Republic

of Congo

Network of East-West Women Poland

Child In Need Institute India

EFI - Espace Femmes Internationale Switzerland

FOKUS - Forum for Women and Development Norway

Tumaini Women Group and Mary Youth Support Group Kenya

Women for Women's Human Rights (WWHR) - NEW WAYS Turkey

The International Alliance of Women/Alliance Internationale des Femmes International

Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR) Lebanon

Flying Broom Women's Communication and Research Association Turkey

Instituto Nupef Brazil

Community Safety and Mediation Center Romania

Romanian Women's Lobby Romania

Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP) Program at Hampshire College USA

Sasha Taner USA

CREA India

International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific Asia Pacific

PODA-Pakistan Pakistan

Foundation Kinderen Centraal -Suriname Suriname


Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (APA) Asia and the Pacific

Ipas International

Nanette Funk USA

Engender South Africa

GESTOS- HIV+, Communication and Gender Brazil

TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) India

Pathfinder International USA

Susan Herrman USA


Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) USA


Hampshire College Population and Development Program USA

Anamitra Roychowdhury India

Conseil Economique Et Social Du Benin Benin

Equidad de Genero: Ciudadania, Trabajo y Familia Mexico

Red por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos en Mexico Mexico

Foro Nacional de Mujeres y Politicas de Poblacion Mexico

American Association of Universiity Women USA

Gillespie Foundation USA

PDHRE, People's Movement for Human Rights learning USA

California National Organization for Women (NOW) USA

Susan Setae Papua New Guinea

Papua Hahine Social Action Forum Inc Papua New Guinea

Positive Women's Network South Africa

Maria Cuvi Sanchez Ecuador

Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) USA

Mary Wohlford Foundation USA

Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights International

Red Flag Women's Movement Sri Lanka

Action on African Women Foundation Ghana

Isaac otchere Ghana

Nell Rasmussen Denmark

Gail Lerner USA

Elsa Gomez USA

Drodrolagi Movement Fiji

Gamcotrap The Gambia

Cevahir Ozguler Turkey

EngenderHealth USA

SAKBE, Comunicacion y Defensa para el Cambio, AC Mexico

CLACAI Latin American Consortium Against Unsafe Abortion LAC

Sahiyar (Stree Sangathan) India

BPW ISTANBUL Business and Professional Women Association Turkey

Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) India

Nepal-International Consumers Union Nepal

Reseau des Associations et Groupements des Femmes Handicapees du Tchad Chad�(RAGFHT)

ELA - Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Genero Argentina

Popular Education Programme South Africa

REDRESS Jovenes Peru

Maria Raguz Peru

Women and Law in Southern Africa Research Trust Mozambique Mozambique

(WLSA Mozambique) �Foro Regional por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos Arequipa Peru

Fundacion Desafio Ecuador

Grupo Medico por el Derecho a Decidir Colombia

BPW Turkey: The Turkish Federation of Business & Professional Women Turkey

Fundacion ESAR Colombia

Women and Media Collective Sri Lanka

Kumudini Samuel Sri Lanka

Jayanthi Kuru Uthumpala Sri Lanka

Sepali Kottegoda Sri Lanka

Sarala Emmanuel Sri Lanka

Chulani Kodikara Sri Lanka

El Colegioc de Mexico Mexico

Susana Lerner Mexico

Sisterhood Is Global Institute - Jordan Jordan

Helen Ridsdale USA

Netherlands Council of Women Netherlands

Women for Women's Human Rights (WWHR) - New Ways Turkey

MYSU, Mujer y Salud en Uruguay Uruguay

Ipas Pakistan Pakistan

Mariana Romero Argentina

The Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand (PPAT) Thailand

Coast Women In Development (CWID) Kenya

Gender Alternatives Foundation Bulgaria

Eskişehir Business and Professional Women – Eskişehir BPW Turkey

Conseil National des Femmes du Luxembourg Luxembourg

Center for Equality Advancement Lithuania


Dr. Nisha Gupta India

WoMen Against Rape Trust Botswana

Dr Divya Bhagianadh India

Ipoade Omilaju Nigeria

Carol Bradford UK

YouAct European Region

Anne-Marie Rey Switzerland

Euroregional Center for Public Initiatives Romania

Občan, demokracia a zodpovednost (Citizen, Democracy and Accountability) Slovakia

Servicios Urbanos y Rurales para Mujeres de Bajos Ingresos-SURMUBI Peru

African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) Kenya

Fundacion para Estudio e Investigacion de la Mujer -FEIM Argentina

Mabel Bianco Argentina

FIAN International (Foodfirst Information and Action network) International

Commonwealth Medical Trust (Commat) United Kingdom

Organizacion de Mujeres Tierra Viva Guatemala

Adrienne Germain USA

Gender and Development Network UK

Sex og Politikk - Norwegian Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health Norway

and Rights �Colectivo Feminista Mujeres Universitarias Honduras

Mujeres Latinoamericanas de New York USA

Pierre M. LaRamee USA

El Foro Ciudadano de Participacion por la Justicia y los Derechos Humanos Argentina


WIDE Austria

Rede Naional de Promocao e Controle social em Saude das Lesbicas Negras Brazil

Feministas en Accion Argentina Argentina

South Asia Forum for Human Rights India

Foro por los Derechos Reproductivos Argentina

Ipas Mexico Mexico

Susana Checa Argentina

Uiala Mukaji Sociedade das Mulheres Negras de Prenambuco Brazil

Human Rights Watch International

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS) USA

Christina Zampas Sweden

Federacion de Planification Familiar Estatal Spain

Action Canada for Population and Development Canada

Agrupacion ciudadana por la despenalizacion del aborto terapeutico, etico El Salvador

y eugenesico �The Society for Education on Contraception and Sexuality Romania

International Disability Alliance International

Campaign to Stop Torture in Health Care International

Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Nigeria

Associacao Brasileira de Lesbicas, Gays,Bissexuais, Travestis e Transexuais Brazil

Cecilia Olea Mauleon Peru

Mujer y Salud en Uruguay (MYSU) Uruguay

Ipas Bolivia Bolivia

Ipas Bangladesh Bangladesh

Balance Promocion para el Desarrollo y Juventud A.C. Mexico

Paula Viana Brazil

New Morning Foundation USA

Comunicacion, Intercambio y Desarrollo Humano en America Latina. A. C. Mexico

Ma. Luisa Becerril Straffon Mexico

Izabel Marri Brazil

Maria Quinteiro Brazil

Red Nacional de Adolescentes y Jovenes para la Salud Sexual y Reproductiva Argentina

Ipas Central America Central America

Sergio Rego Brazil

Sociedade de Bioetica do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Hivos The Netherlands

Reprolatina- Solucoes Inovadoras em Saude Sexual e Reprodutiva Brazil

Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas-ECMIA Peru

CHIRAPAQ, Centro de Culturas Indigenas del Peru Peru

Catolicas por el Derecho a Decidir/Bolivia Bolivia

Las Hijas de la Negrita Costa Rica

Consorcio Latinoamericano de Anticoncepcion de Emergencia CLAE Costa Rica

Larissa Arroyo Navarrete Costa Rica

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) USA

Women Advancement for Economic and Leadership Empowerment in Africa Nigeria

(WAELE/ARCELFA)�MPh Deyanira Gonzalez de Leon Aguirre Mexico

Paramita Kundu India

Global Doctors for Choice International

Forum Mulher Mozambique

Articulacion Feminista Marcosur Regional

Vision Spring Initiatives Nigeria

Laura Davis Mattar Brazil

Manuela Lavinas Picq Ecuador

Joana Picq Brazil

Nara Penaherrera Ecuador

IntraHealth International International

Ibis Reproductive Health USA

Gynuity Health Projects USA, Georgia


CFEMEA – Centro Feminista de Estudos e Assessoria Brazil

Ipas Nigeria Nigeria

Silvia Pimentel Brazil

Ipas Nepal Nepal

Sarah Swain Australia

Asociatia SEVA Romania

ASTRA Central and Eastern European Network for Sexual and Reproductive Poland

Rights and Health

International Foundation for Population and Development (IFPD) Switzerland

Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) Global

Womens International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) Australia

Kamayani Bali Mahabal India

Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW) Asia-Pacific

Ipas India India

Population Services International USA

Manuela Cabezas da Rosa United Kingdom

Cameroon Medical Women Association (CMWA) Cameroon

Lebanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Lebanon

Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund USA

Mary Garcia Castro Brazil

YWCA of Nigeria Nigeria

Magdalena Cuvi Ecuador

National Council of Women's Societies Nigeria

Youth Vision Zambia Zambia

Population and Community Development Association Thailand

Smitha Francis India

Food First Information and Action Network, Section Austria (FIAN Austria) Austria/Europe

Family Care International USA

International Initiative on Maternal Mortality and Human Rights International

Martha I. Rosenberg Argentina

Vladimir R. Gil Ramon, Ph.D. Peru

Cruz Caridad Bueno USA

Organizacion de Mujeres Tierra Viva Guatemala


Violence is Not our Culture (VNC) campaign International

Our Bodies Ourselves (Our Bodies Ourselves Global Network) USA

Mexican Association for Sex Education (Asociacion Mexicana de Educacion Mexico

Sexual, AMES)

Marta de Oliveira Brazil

Lori Altmann Brazil

Siobahn Kinney USA

Ignez Helena Oliva Perpetuo Brazil

Ruth Iguiniz Peru

Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER) Malaysia

Quintin Barnes USA

Angela Freitas Brazil

Margareth Arilha Brazil

Miriam Maldonado Guatemala

Women's Health in St Petersburg Russia

(Our Bodies Ourselves Global Network) Women and Their Bodies Israel

Articulacao de Organizacoes de Mulheres Negras Brazil

A Rede Mulheres Negras - PR Brazil

Movimento Negro Unificado do Rio Grande do Sul - MNU/RS Brazil

ActionAid International International

Sabrina A. Cartabia Argentina

Tanzania Home Economics Association Tanzania

Women’s Health Initiative Group Bulgaria

Irish Family Planning Association Ireland


Commite National des Droits de la Femme (CONADF) Republic of Congo

ONG Femmes Sante Developpement (FESADE) Cameroon

Si Mujer Nicaragua

The Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network (LACWHN) LAC

CLADEM Brazil Brazil

Management Sciences for Health USA

Women's Rehabilitation Centre (Our Bodies Ourselves Global Network) Nepal

Sanlaap (Our Bodies Ourselves Global Network) India

Reproductive Health Matters United Kingdom

Asia Pacific Women's Watch Sri Lanka

Federation of Women Lawyers Kenya (FIDA Kenya) Kenya

Women Advocates' Research and Documentation Center (WARDC) Nigeria

Athena Network International

E. Tyler Crone USA

Empower People India

AIDS Legal Network South Africa

WISH Associates South Africa

Osterreichische Gesellschaft fur Familienplanung/ Austrian Association for Austria

Family Planning

STOP AIDS NOW! Netherlands

(FAMEDEV) Inter African Network for Women, Media, Gender and Senegal�Development/Le Reseau Inter Africain Des Femmes, Medias, Genre et �Developpment

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