Iran election unrest

Iran election unrest

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The Right to Peaceful Protest

Amnesty International calls on the Iranian authorities to allow peaceful demonstrations, to exercise restraint in the policing of any further demonstrations, to stop using the Basij militia to police protests, and to ensure that firearms are not used except as a last resort and where strictly unavoidable in order to protect life.

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In the days following Iran's presidential election on Friday 12 June, many thousands took part in marches and demonstrations across the country, condemning both the process and outcome of the election.

Following the mass arrests of demonstrators and opposition activists in Iran over recent weeks in connection with the disputed presidential election, Amnesty International has compiled a list of the names or identities of 368 arrested people. Should you have any further information about arrests, killings and other human rights abuses in Iran please send them to and All information will be dealt with confidentially.

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