Campaign for International Justice

Campaigning for an effective system of international justice to ensure justice, truth and full reparations for crimes under international law: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture, extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances.

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News and Updates

Double veto of draft Security Council Resolution on Syria a betrayal of protesters

4 February 2012

Russia and China have again vetoed a UN Security Council resolution on Syria, the day after a military assault killed scores of civilians in Homs.

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge judgment welcome, but raises human rights concerns

3 February 2012

A UN-backed tribunal has given former Khmer Rouge jailer "Duch" a life sentence for the killings of more than 12,272 people.

UN court ruling on Nazi war crime victims ‘a setback for rights’

3 February 2012

An ICJ ruling breaches the human rights of foreign victims of Nazi war crimes by giving Germany legal immunity from being sued for reparations.

Security Council: Russia must not block efforts to end atrocities in Syria

1 February 2012

Russia is urged not to block the UN Security Council's efforts to end human rights violations in Syria.

Guatemala: Former head of state’s trial for genocide one more step against impunity

27 January 2012

A former Guatemalan head of state will face trial on genocide charges over massacres of thousands of mostly Mayan villagers in 1982 and 1983.

Video and Audio

Sudanese President's controversial Chad visit

Amnesty International's Marek Marczynski says Chad should take action against Omar Al-Bashir.