Amnesty International Regional Office in Middle East-North Africa

The Middle East-North Africa (MENA) Regional Office of the International Secretariat was established in Beirut in 1999. The MENA Regional Office focuses on human rights education and awareness raising, and aims to contribute to the development of a human rights culture in the MENA region, particularly by building the capacity of human rights defenders and supporting local, national and regional non-governmental organizations working for the promotion and protection of human rights. As well as conducting and contributing to human rights education and capacity workshops and training programmes, the staff in Beirut produces and disseminates Arabic-language human rights resources, including specialized human rights training and awareness-raising materials.

Increasing Access to Human Rights Education and Capacity Building Resources in MENA - The Regional Office in Beirut produces Mawared, an Arabic-language human rights education magazine which is distributed in the region to human rights NGOs and activists as well universities and a selected audience of youth, media and lawyers. Each issue deals with a different theme of current interest such as policing, freedom of association and assembly, freedom of expression, minorities, identity and human rights. The Regional Office maintains a web presence @ Aside form serving as an identification card for the office, the website hosts an online version of Mawared enabling access to all issues ( ), in addition to other human rights education and capacity building materials especially those available in Arabic language.

The website contains three sets of searchable databases in Arabic and English: :

  1. Regional Office library allowing users to browse through the titles of the regional office's specialized human rights library containing more than 1800 titles;
  2. Selected Amnesty International produced human rights resources and materials;
  3. Collated content from the internet, including information and links to a range of electronic resources related to human rights education and capacity building ( ).

You can also visit the Amnesty International MENA Regional Office Facebook profile on amnesty.mena or follow on Twitter @Amnestymena1

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